Take Action: Thank Your Mayor For Climate Leadership

While the climate crisis is global, taking action locally is one of the most effective ways to create a lasting impact. The Strengthening Local Climate Commitments (SLCC) campaign is a powerful avenue for UUs to create a just transition through supporting ambitious climate commitments and holding officials accountable through civic engagement and partnership. By working with friends, neighbors and community partners, SLCC aims to empower frontline communities to push for justice and equity as elected representatives implement their Climate Commitments.

A few weeks ago, 198 mayors released a letter to Congress pushing for bold strategic action to address the intersecting crises of Covid-19, racial injustice and climate chaos. As Congress negotiates the next Covid-19 aid package, this letter puts forth a clear vision rooted in a set of principles for protecting health, the environment and making our economy work for everyone. This letter was organized by the broader network of more than 450 mayors comprising Climate Mayors, who have made commitments to leading on local climate action.

One way that UUs are taking action right now is telling mayors this commitment to climate action is being noticed — and that local citizen leaders will keep them to their word. These public declarations of climate commitments and principles provide benchmarks for citizens to hold officials accountable, and inspiration for other mayors to see their locale as part of a bigger solution. So far, seventeen emails have been sent by UUs to let their mayor know they noticed and to push them to live up to their commitment as climate mayors. 

Take Action

You can find the list of mayor signatories on pages 4-11 of the letter. If your mayor is one of the 198 Climate Mayors, let them know you noticed, you care, and you want more action from them. Use the template below to email them, or write your own. Please copy doris@uumfe.org on your letter or forward it to Doris, because its very helpful for tracking the SLCC campaign participation!

If your mayor hasn’t taken action yet, or if you want to get more involved in general, sign up for monthly SLCC collaboration calls held every first Wednesday of the month. UUs can also share solutions-based practices in the SLCC group on the CreateClimateJustice.Net portal. 

Email Template 

Dear Mayor [Name],

Thank you for signing the Climate Mayors July 22, 2020 letter to congress highlighting the principles needed to tackle our current crisis:

  1. Build for a better future
  2. Lead with equity
  3. Prioritize multiple benefits

As your neighbor and a person of faith it is important to me that elected representatives continue to boldly address climate change. This has long been the moral issue of our time, and now is exacerbated by COVID-19, profound economic hardships, and a national reckoning with racial equity. 

Thank you for standing strong, demonstrating leadership, and staying committed to fully address the climate crisis while not dropping the ball on Pandemic health needs, the economy, all while embracing racial justice. 


[Your name and address]


Doris Marlin
Doris Marlin
Doris Marlin has been a longtime UU volunteer leader and advocate for climate action with numerous organizations, including the All Souls Unitarian Church of D.C.’s Green Souls group, Unitarian Universalists for Social Justice (UUSJ), UUA Green Sanctuary Program Advisory Board, and UU Ministry for Earth.