UU Ministry for Earth is the primary convener of the UU Climate Justice Coalition which consists of UU organizations coordinating and collaborating to enact climate justice. Grounded in a faithful call as a community of practice, we share resources, build skills, and organize actions that advance a future with climate justice, collective liberation, and a world where all life flourishes. Current participating organizations include:

Coalition of UU State Action Networks
UU Animal Ministry
UU College of Social Justice
UU Women’s Federation
UUA International Office
UUA Side with Love
UUs for a Just Economic Community
UU Ministry for Earth
UU Young Adults for Climate Justice Caucus
UU Service Committee
UUs for Social Justice

See the UU World article here. Together with our Coalition partners, we are actively engaging around the following issues for climate justice.

The Earth Bill

Learn more here. In partnership with UUs for Social Justice, we ask for your support here.

Environmental Justice for All Act

UUMFE is a partner with UUs for Social Justice (UUSJ) to advocate for the Environmental Justice for All Act.  Learn more and sign up to support here.

End the Era of Fossil Fuels!

With Side with Love and other UU partners, UUMFE is supporting the People vs. Fossil Fuels campaign to ending the era of fossil fuels.  By centering frontline Black, Indigenous and people of the global majority and poor communities stories, leadership, and decision-making, we are all working to confront the forces of white supremacy, colonialism, and extractive industry. Join the latest efforts to demand Biden use his executive powers to end the era of fossil fuels and declare a climate emergency!

A Climate-Smart Farm Bill, Fair for All

Also, in partnership with UUSJ, UUMFE supports a Fair Farm for All. Learn more and support here. In a related action, tell USDA: Support Fruit and Vegetable Farmers.