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Starting in 2002, UUMFE (originally the Seventh Principle Project) published a print/PDF newsletter, two or three times a year. In mid-2017, this became a short monthly email rounding up one story for inspiration, one action for activation, one tool for education, and one opportunity for connection.

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  • October– “Most of it is about relationships, to be honest” – Elandria Williams
  • September– Meeting the Urgency of Climate Disruption
  • August– Get up to Good Trouble
  • July – This is Our Moment
  • June – Holy Indignation, Empathy and Solidarity
  • May – Being Effective Climate Justice Activists in These Exceptional Times
  • April – Eath Day
  • March – Updates
  • February – Get Ready to Spring For Change
  • January – Hindsight is 2020



  • December – Be the Grassroots
  • November – Make a Difference
  • October: Getting involved is what UU do
  • September: Prayer for Sacred Waters
  • August: Get Inspired
  • July: Call for Solidarity NOW with Indigenous Water Protectors
  • May: UUMFE Calls for Action and Photos
  • March: One Month Until Earth Day: Get Inspired, Activated, and Connected!
  • February: Get Ready for Earth Day! New Resources are Here!
  • January: New Year, New Opportunities to Act for Climate Justice!


  • December: Winter Gratitude, Joy, and Connection
  • November: Climate Action, Community Building, & Unlearning Colonization
  • October: On the Front Lines: Puerto Rico & Indigenous Peoples Day
  • September: Record-Breaking Hurricanes are a Clarion Call to Action on Climate
  • August: Infuse Your New Congregational Year with Environmental Justice
  • July: Summertime Environmental Justice: Art, Gardens, Climate, & More!


Spring/Summer 2016 (PDF)

  • Opportunities for Environmental Justice Engagement at Columbus GA
  • Message From the Board
  • Highlights From Earth Day 2016
  • Celebrating Our Eco-Heroes
  • Rising Waters Confab II.
  • Sustainability Works: New
  • Curriculum From NWEI
  • Feeling Virtuous, Being Virtuous
  • Commit2Respond Connects and Inspires
  • Congregational Study Action Issues (CSAI) – How Shall We Proceed?
  • Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret – Guest Opinion and Film Review
  • Taking a Stand on Climate Justice
  • Pacific NW UUs Participate in Break Free Action in Anacortes, WA
  • Your Support Is Needed and Appreciated
  • Appendix: (1) 2016 Proposed Congregational Study/Action Issue: Climate Change and Environmental Justice; (2) The Principles of Environmental Justice; and (3) Threat of Global Warming/Climate Change, 2006 Statement of Conscience

Winter 2016 (PDF)

  • The Climate Justice Gospel
  • Earth Day 2016: Environmental Justice to Climate Justice
  • Message from the Board
  • Honor Congregations – Thanks!
  • UUSJ Journey: Solidarity with Original Nations and Peoples
  • My War Against Hope
  • The Paris Agreement Opened Doors – Now We Need to Step Through
  • Climate Justice Reading Club
  • Northwest Earth Institute Updates Its Energy Curriculum
  • Book Review: The Whale and the Supercomputer
  • Tim DeChristopher Inspires UU Audience With Call for Non-Violent Action
  • Connecting To Earth Through Art
  • LRE Week at Star Island: Sustainability + Faith
  • Commit2Respond Announces Climate Justice Month 2016
  • Save the Date for General Assembly in Columbus, OH
  • Why I’m Not that Enthusiastic About the UNFCCC and Paris Agreement
  • Sunday Soul
  • Your Support Is Needed and Appreciated


Fall 2015 (PDF)

  • Commit2Respond: Moral Imperative for Climate Justice
  • Message From the Board Chair: Beyond the Catchy Phrase
  • Matthew McHale Ordination – Congratulations!
  • Nurturing Nature: Letting the Beauty We Love Be What We Do
  • We Have a Pope
  • The Road Through Paris and More Climate Justice News and Tools
  • Book Review: American Catch: The Fight for Our Local Seafood
  • Updates fro the UU Young Adults for Climate Justice
  • What the Frack?
  • Your Support Is Needed and Appreciated

Spring 2015 (PDF)

  • Commit2Respond and Climate Justice Featured at Portland GA
  • Message From the Board: A Double Dog Dare Is In Order . . .
  • Highlights From Earth Day 2015
  • The Hole Story
  • Commit2Resond Campaign Offers Resources and Connections
  • Book Review: Crude Justice by Stuart H. Smith
  • Update From the Environmental Justice Collaboratory
  • Review of Change the Story, Change the Future: A Living Economy for a Living Earth, by David Korten
  • California Drought Reveals Pervasive Inequities
  • GROW Climate Justice Young Adult Training Planned for August
  • Northwest Earth Institute Updates Its Climate Change Curriculum
  • Empower UUs: Support Development of Additional UUMFE Services

Winter 2015 (PDF)

  • Join Commit2Respond for Climate Justice Journey
  • From the Board Chair: Are We Healers, Leaders or Trailblazers?
  • Honor Congregations – Thanks!
  • Download UUMFE Resources
  • Update From the Environmental Justice Collaboratory
  • Hold Your Head Up
  • A Growing Justice Movement
  • Thomas Jefferson Memorial Church in Charlottesville Divests!
  • Save the Date for Portland GA
  • A Sometimes Dismaying, Weirdly Reassuring Story About Looking At People Looking At Animals In America – A Review of Wild Ones, by Jon Mooallem
  • Looking Deep in the Heart . . . with t.e.j.a.s. (Texas Environmental Justice Advocacy Services)
  • HighWaterLine Delray Beach Project Receives UUA Funding
  • Climate Justice Lobby Weekend
  • Global Divestment Day
  • Help Empower UUs: Support Development of Additional UUMFE Services


Fall 2014 (PDF)

  • Commit2Respond: A Religious Response to Climate Change
  • Message from the Board Chair
  • People’s Climate March Makes History – UUs Help!
  • Take Action for Climate Justice
  • Something’s Happening Here . . .
  • On the Move – Young Adults Look Back, Move Forward
  • Gaia In a Temper
  • UU Cool Congregations
  • The Giving Garden – Social Justice, Ecology, Community Building

Spring 2014 (PDF)

  • Opportunities For Environmental Justice Engagement at Providence GA
  • Message from the Board Chair – Going From Here To Tomorrow
  • Peace, Justice and Sustainability Are Focus of New Northwest Earth Institute Curriculum
  • Highlights From Earth Day 2014
  • Sacred Roots, New Shoots: News From Our Young Adult Network
  • Fossil Fuel Divestment Movement Builds Across Faith Communities
  • The Great March for Climate Action – Walking a Mile In Their Shoes
  • Is It War?
  • 2014 Courageous Love Award Presented to Westboro 8
  • Book Review – Feathers: The Evolution of a Natural Miracle by Thor Hanson
  • UU Church Is First In Chattanooga To Add Solar Panels

Winter 2014 (PDF)

  • Earth Day 2014: Working Towards Sustainable Communities
  • Message From the Board Chair
  • “Our Place In the Web of Life” Second Edition Now Available
  • A Seasonal Liturgical Calendar for Unitarian Universalists
  • Honor Congregations – Thanks!
  • Save the Date for Providence GA
  • NWEI Continues to Support UUs In Their Environmental Justice Work
  • Screening Bidder 70
  • Book Review – Evolution: The Triumph of an Idea
  • It’s Politics and the Economy
  • The Great March for Climate Action: Potential Game Changer
  • The Great March: Walking My Talk


Fall 2013 (PDF)

  • Guardian of the Future Award Recipients Are Eco-Justice Super-Heroes
  • Message From the Board
  • Plan to Screen Bidder 70 at Your Congregation This Fall
  • Environmental Justice (EJ) in the Spotlight at GA 2013 in Louisville
  • An Eventful Summer for UU Young Adults for Climate Justice
  • Fossil Fuel Divestment Update: GA and Beyond
  • Program Ideas for the Church Year
  • Countdown to Earth Day: Spring Equinox through Earth Day 2014 (March 20th – April 22nd)
  • Meditation While Weeding
  • Advocating For the Rights of Nature
  • Beyond Changing Light Bulbs
  • Are We Smarter Than Frogs?
  • Photos From’s Summer Heat actions
  • Empower UUs: Support Development of Additional UUMFE Services

Spring 2013 (PDF)

  • Opportunities for Environmental Justice Engagement at General Assembly
  • Message From the Board
  • Bidder 70 at GA and Beyond
  • Cedar Tree Foundation Awards UUMFE a Second $20,000 Grant
  • Northwest Earth Institute Celebrates 20 Years
  • Are You Awake?
  • Young Adult Climate Activist Group Is Growing
  • Reflecting on Earth Day 2013
  • Celebrating Our Eco-Heroes
  • Going Fossil Free?
  • Environmental Justice Plunge Leads to Effective Congregational Involvement
  • Book Review: Slow Violence and the Environmentalism of the Poor
  • Healing Our World and Ourselves
  • Faith Groups in CA Called to Action on Climate Change
  • The Pipeline Fighters in Nebraska
  • Photos from #Forward on Climate Rally
  • Earth Day Artwork from Laura Evonne Steinman

Winter 2013 (PDF)

  • Earth Day 2013: Working Towards Sustainable Communities
  • From the Board
  • Screening “Bidder 70”
  • Our Place in the Web of Life Curriculum
  • Northwest Earth Institute Courses
  • Uniting YA’s in the EJ Struggle
  • New Young Adult Environmental Justice Network
  • Protecting Utah Wilderness
  • Honor Congregations – Thanks!
  • Save the Date for Louisville GA
  • Energy Oscar for UU Church in Oakland
  • Bad Land Book Review
  • Reproductive and Environmental Justice
  • Join the #ForwardOnClimate Rally


Fall 2012 (PDF)

  • Guardian of the Future Recipients Excel in Community Networking
  • From the Board – How Do We Make Change Together?
  • Program Ideas for Church Year and District Assemblies
  • Earth Day 2013 Theme – Sustainable Communities
  • Food Days 2012 Present Justice Opportunities for Food Activists
  • Canary Community: Sentinel of Climate Injustice
  • Ethical Eating Website Launch
  • Fracking Concerns Mobilize UUs
  • Moral Challenge: Math, Evil, and Blood
  • Driving Social Change: The Activist’s Handbook
  • Church Helps Win East Oakland Bus Rapid Transit Project
  • Words of Inspiration
  • Empower UU’s: Support Development of Additional UUMFE Services

Spring 2012 (PDF)

  • Environmental Justice at “Justice” General Assembly
  • From the Board
  • New Northwest Earth Institute Curriculum Focuses On Energy
  • Earth Day Excitement
  • Interfaith Moral Action On Climate (IMAC) In Washington, D.C.
  • Municipal Sustainability Plans
  • Revolution, Realignment, Reframing
  • UUs Around the Country (and the World!) Celebrate Earth Day
  • April 24th Interfaith Moral Action On Climate (IMAC) In DC­– Photos

Winter 2012 (PDF)

  • Earth Day 2012: Immigration and Environmental Justice
  • From the Board ­– Folks Are Paying Attention!
  • UUMFE Partners with Just Label It Campaign for GE Foods
  • Our Place In the Web of Life Curriculum
  • Water Justice Is Focus of Justice Sunday 2012
  • Grants Will Help Support UUMFE’s Environmental Justice Work
  • Share Our Passion – Volunteer With UU Ministry for Earth
  • NWEI Provides Valuable Resources
  • UUMFE Embraces EcoChallenge
  • UUs in New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania Tackle Hydrofracking
  • UU Organizes New Delaware Chapter of Interfaith Power & Light
  • UU Church in Eugene Is Prize Winning Recycler
  • Honor Congregations – Thanks!


Fall 2011 (301 KB PDF)

  • From the Board
  • Guardian of the Future Awards
  • Hungry for Change, a new NWEI course
  • Review of Cynthia Barnett’s Blue Revolution
  • Environmental Justice Curriculum
  • Thank You, Rowan
  • Tar Sands Action and More! Photos on p. 8
  • Why I Protested the Tar Sands Pipeline
  • Chandler, AZ UUs and Moving Planet
  • Schenectady UU Church EJ Project
  • Freedom Through Frugality Review
  • Rev. Bob Murphy Honored by Sierra Club

Spring 2011 (PDF)

  • Environmental Justice Workshops and Events at GA
  • From the Board – Actions Become Habits
  • Ethical Eating Statement of Conscience Process
  • UUMFE Annual Meeting at GA
  • Earth Day Excitement
  • Food Day Scheduled for Oct. 24
  • Moving Planet Set for Sept. 24
  • New Experiential Workshops from Barbara Ford
  • Book Review: Paving Paradise
  • NWEI’s New Edition of Voluntary Simplicity
  • Earthfest at UU Church of Davis
  • Your Support is Needed and Appreciated

Winter 2011 (PDF)

  • Earth Day 2011: Sacred Waters
  • From the Board – As We Begin a New Year
  • Staying Present for a Troubled World – New Workshops Offered to UU Congregations and Districts
  • Northwest Earth Institute To Publish Gulf Coast Resource
  • Mt. Vernon Church Breaks Ground for Net Zero Energy System on Winter Solstice
  • Earth Jurisprudence: Beginning To Bud
  • Poem by Christopher D. Sims: I Am the UUA
  • How You Can Help


Fall 2010 (PDF)

  • Congregations Across the Country Will Participate In the 10/10/10 Global Work Party: A Day To Celebrate Climate Solutions
  • “Everything, Everything, Everything Is Holy Now”
  • Care For the Earth Is Central To General Assembly Experience
  • Lori Sands Named 2010 UUMFE Guardian of the Future
  • Key Dates for the Congregational Study/Action Issue Ethical Eating: Food and Environmental Justice
  • Karen and Ramón Urbano Honored With Volunteer Service Award
  • Matching Grants Fund Three District Environmental Conferences
  • Health Is Focus of New Northwest Earth Institute Curriculum
  • Earth Day Theme Announced
  • Congregations Will Offer a Wide Variety of 10/10/10 Work Parties
  • Generous Congregations Support the Vision of UUMFE

Spring 2010 (PDF)

  • Environment & Justice Workshops and Events at General Assembly
  • Letter From the Co-Chairs
  • UUMFE Annual Meeting at General Assembly
  • Energy, Peace and Justice Study Action Issue
  • Member Profile: Vicky Talbert
  • Northwest Earth Institute Courses
  • Workshops To Pilot Local Environmental Justice Discernment
  • Three Districts Approved for UUMFE Challenge Grant
  • Earth Day Excitement
  • Reconciliation Ecology
  • Harmony UU Church Celebrates Earth Day

Winter 2010 (PDF)

  • For the Fortieth Anniversary of Earth Day, UUMFE Invites Congregations Take a Bite Out of Food Injustice
  • From the Board: We Value Our Relationships
  • UUMFE Launches Environment and Justice ‘Green Papers’
  • The Importance of Working Together
  • We’re All Ears! Our Fifth Principle In Action With Ethical Eating
  • Emily Kao Joins Advocacy Team
  • Fifth Annual End Mountaintop Removal Week In Washington
  • Online Connections to UUMFE Community are Growing
  • UUMFE Offers Partner Grants for Districts
  • Congregational Stories: Ethical Energy


Fall 2009 (PDF)

  • International Day of Climate Action, Oct. 24th
  • A New Year – Change is in the Air
  • Rowan Van Ness Tapped for Environmental Justice Position
  • Colin High Named 2009 UUMFE Guardian of the Future
  • Focus on Food and Faith
  • UUMFE 20th Anniversary Celebration
  • Earth Song Meditation
  • AIW – In Support of America’s Red Rock Wilderness Act
  • Green Sanctuary Program Update
  • Join the Team Developing the Environmental Justice Guide

Spring 2009 (PDF)

  • Announcing the Environmental Passport for GA 2009
  • Toward Joyful Interdependence
  • With Gratitude to Rev. Katherine Jesch
  • UUs Pioneer Green Meetings
  • A Response – Rev. Laurel Hallman
  • You Can Help Write Environmental Justice Guide
  • Food Justice
  • Green and Accessible
  • Earth, Our Deep-Home-Place
  • Transformation, Collective Wisdom & You
  • Earth Day Celebration
  • New RE Curriculum – Sounds of Nature

Winter 2009 (PDF)

  • UUMFE Announces 2009 Earth Day Resources
  • Raising All Voices, Lifting All Boats
  • A Response – Rev. Peter Morales
  • Genesis of “Ethical Eating”
  • CSAI Film Review – Scarred Lands, Wounded Lives
  • Hobbs Farm – A Miracle, Seeing the Connections
  • The Hidden Language of Flowers


Fall 2008 (PDF)

  • Board and Members Review Partnerships
  • Congregational Eco-Heroes Honored
  • Changing Our Stories of Justice-Making
  • For the UUA Presidential Candidates – 7 Questions
  • Are You Feeling the Call to Action?
  • Fourteen Say YES as Parents for the Planet
  • Nourish the Self with a Retreat
  • Green Sanctuary Update
  • UUA Ethical Eating Core Team Liaison
  • 2008-2010 CSAI – Ethical Eating: Food and Environmental Justice
  • Films, Faith, and Fellowship
  • Making Seed Tape
  • Run for the Trees
  • Say NO to Plastic Bags
  • Shopping Bag Pattern and Instructions
  • Renew Our Spirits, Restore the World
  • Beacon Press and UUMFE – New Partners

Spring 2008 (PDF)

  • The Audacity of Faith
  • Looking to the Future
  • Green Sanctuary Showcase
  • Guardian of the Future Award
  • 2008 Study Action Issue Proposals
  • An Invitation – Become a Parent for the Planet
  • GA 2008 Highlights
  • “Menu for the Future” from Northwest Earth Institute
  • Regional Coordinators Active from East to West
  • Portland Office Open – Meet Sabrina Louise Harle
  • Book Review – “In Defense of Food”

Winter 2008 (PDF)

  • Unanimous Vote! UUMFE Retains Affiliate Status
  • Message from the Chair – Barbara Ford
  • Taking Green Sanctuary Beyond Our Congregations – Rev. Katherine Jesch
  • Our Seven UU Principles – Rev. Katherine Jesch
  • In Need of a Good Word – Editors, Orion Magazine
  • Restoring the Web of Creation
  • Direct Your UUA “Now is the Time” Gift
  • New Resource! We Are All Connected, 7th Principle – Butterfly and Creepy Crawlies RE Lessons


Fall 2007 (PDF)

  • Palo Alto Church Working To Save Shishmaref, Alaska – Ben Hammett
  • Leaning into the Light – Barbara Ford
  • Green Wedding Celebration – Nancy King Smith
  • Autumn Reflections, Green Sanctuary Program – Rev. Katherine Jesch
  • The Play’s the Thing – Doug Stewart
  • Covenant Group Considers Seventh Principle – Judy Perry

Spring 2007 (PDF)

  • Historic Earth Summit Connects, Inspires
  • Gratitude as a Revolutionary Act
  • Congregations Address Global Warming
  • New Resource! – Global Warming Action Kit Volume 2
  • Springtime Reflections
  • Hopedale UU Tackles Industrial Pollution
  • Secret Shoppers Help Environmental Justice
  • UUs Flock Outdoors to Celebrate
  • Cedars UUs Author Sustainability Survey
  • Our Food Choices Impact Climate Change
  • Water First – Living Drop by Drop
  • New Partnership – Low Carbon Diet
  • Book reviews


Fall 2006 (PDF)

  • Legislative Ministries Focus on Climate Change
  • Reaping the Harvest of Collaborative Efforts
  • Warm Reflections on the Chill of Winter
  • Global Warming: Changing CO2urse
  • Florida Church Eco-Preserve Reaches Community
  • Green Sanctuary Program is HOT!
  • Spotlight: Model Regional Coordinator

Spring 2006 (PDF)

  • UU Statement of conscience on global warming
  • There is no “out there” by Rev. Louise Green
  • Message from the board chair
  • Healthy children, healthy planet
  • Green Sanctuary program comes of age
  • Book and film reviews


Fall 2005 (PDF)

  • UU Ministry for Earth visibility campaign
  • Dealing with tragedy and despair
  • Message from the board chair
  • Addressing global warming
  • UU churches and green power
  • Hotel Earth and small group ministry
  • New Greeen Sanctuaries

Summer 2005 (PDF)

  • Message from SPP board chair
  • Bill Sinkford and the cyber-march on global warming
  • SPP receives granf from UU Program Fund
  • GA 2005 events sponsored by the SPP
  • Plane Travel and Sustainable Living
  • Living our Values in the Modern World
  • Green Sanctuary Program news
  • SPP board member news

Winter 2005 (PDF)

  • Emerson Unitarian Church of Houston
  • Message from SPP board chair
  • Global warming study/action resources
  • Upcoming adult RE resource guide
  • Guest column by Tina Clarke of Clean Water Action


Fall 2004 (PDF)

  • Global Warming is new UUA/CSW Study/Action Issue
  • GA 2004 highlights
  • Green Sanctuary Program news
  • Message from SPP board chair

Summer 2004 (PDF)

  • GA 2004 events sponsored by the SPP
  • New SPP resources
  • Green Sanctuary Program news
  • SPP board member news

Spring 2004 (PDF)

  • New resource projects for UU congregations
  • The Seventh Principle Fund
  • Green Sanctuary Program news & ideas
  • Earth Day meditations
  • Commission on Social Witness study/action issues


Fall 2003 (PDF)

  • New Green Sanctuaries
  • General Assembly 2003 in review
  • Green Sanctuary Program news & ideas
  • The Interfaith Power & Light movement
  • Greening General Assembly

Spring 2003 (PDF)

  • GA 2003 events sponsored by the SPP
  • Green Sanctuary workshops at GA 2003
  • SPP Board meeting highlights
  • The SPP and the UUA
  • Green Sanctuary Program news


Fall 2002 (PDF)

  • 2002 SPP annual meeting update
  • GA 2002 news and highlights
  • About the Earth Charter
  • Northwest Earth Institute courses
  • Green Sanctuary Program news