Radical Life Change

A powerful reflection from Laura Emerson on intentional living – as individuals and congregations About 15 years ago, my husband and I embarked on a radical shift in our lifestyle. We moved from a high-rise urban condo in Houston, TX to a 2 room log cabin in Alaska… with an outhouse. There was nothing in my […]

Winter Postcard

Hi! My name is Nasreen Khan. I am the Manager of Communications for UUMFE, but in my life outside of UUMFE, I am a visual artist based in Indianapolis. I make art inspired by my relationship with the natural world. I live in a neighborhood of Indianapolis called Haughville. It is one of the highest […]

A Trip Report on Fall Advocacy!

Greetings!  UUMFE had a full and fulfilling September living our mission: spiritual care for climate justice! Read below for some highlights! Here is a 3 minute recap video of our time in New York. Community is the antidote to climate despair. We need vibrancy, connection and imagination as a faith movement to meet this aching […]

Moving From Despair to Action

Environmental Justice:  Clearing the Air in Pittsburgh Moving from Despair to Action On January 8, 2022, members of the First Unitarian Church of Pittsburgh engaged in a Congregational Conversation about the environment.  It soon became apparent that many were in a state of paralysis — even despair.  Participants understood very well the profound effects of […]

UU Ministry for Earth Reflections on the Business Resolution for the 2023 UUA General Assembly: “Complete Divestment from the Fossil Fuel Industry and Subsequent Reparations”

After reading the 2023 Business Resolution “Complete Divestment from the Fossil Fuel Industry and Subsequent Reparations” and the UUA Board of Trustees Response, Unitarian Universalist Ministry for Earth offers the following reflection: We are humbled and inspired by the moral witness and labor of UU young adults and the coalition they’ve built working for transformation and calling our […]