Foraging as an Earth Care Practice

UU Ministry for Earth’s constituent, Laura Emerson, offers this informative and moving blog post on how UUs can engage with nature closest to us. The climate crisis is a crisis of disconnection. Humans are disconnected from the natural world and have forgotten that we are nature. Restoring a reciprocal relationship with all life addresses a […]

Winter Postcard

Hi! My name is Nasreen Khan. I am the Manager of Communications for UUMFE, but in my life outside of UUMFE, I am a visual artist based in Indianapolis. I make art inspired by my relationship with the natural world. I live in a neighborhood of Indianapolis called Haughville. It is one of the highest […]

Moving From Despair to Action

Environmental Justice:  Clearing the Air in Pittsburgh Moving from Despair to Action On January 8, 2022, members of the First Unitarian Church of Pittsburgh engaged in a Congregational Conversation about the environment.  It soon became apparent that many were in a state of paralysis — even despair.  Participants understood very well the profound effects of […]