Dear UUMFE Community:

My name is Nasreen Khan, I am a mother, teacher, artist and writer based in Indianapolis and I’m so pleased to join UU Ministry for Earth as the Communications Coordinator. I grew up in Senegal, West Africa and Indonesia, and moved to United States about 10 years ago. I am a former English Professor who then worked as a UU Adult Faith Formation Religious Educator for four years. I am also a visual artist and community activist here in Indianapolis.

I am excited to be part of the UUMFE team and looking forward to growing the communications side of UUMFE through more social media interaction, video work, and lightening the load of my fellow staffers so that they can focus on creating high quality programming for all of you. I have a young son who is now a second grader, and we live in a tiny flower-covered bungalow on the Westside of Indianapolis. In addition to my role at UUMFE I teach art workshops in public school without arts funding, am the art editor at the Indianapolis Review, and do equity consulting work. Communications has been a core part of what I do in every iteration of my career, from academia to religious education.

My father is from Afghanistan and my mother is Filipino, Chinese, and Spanish. I bring my mixed-race immigrant background to my art and to my communications work. My teaching and artistic practices, rooted in questions of equity and earth-based spirituality, grapple with questions of belonging; celebrate cultural margins; and confront colonization, racism, and misogyny. Most recently I was part of a community voices initiative at the Indianapolis Museum of art, bringing diverse perspectives to a historically homogenous gallery space. You can read (and see) more about my art and work at, and at my Instagram @heyitsnasreen.