From Alice Kurima Newberry’s “Find Hope in Uncomfortable Truth” —

“We all have histories and futures of resiliency during the bleakest of times. If you take a moment to pause and name some people, experiences, or things you care for, what arises in you are reasons for hope, reasons to fight for the treasure that is life.

We will not win many critical climate battles; in fact, we’ve already lost major ones. However, we will win some battles in the future, and those wins will matter. We may not reach goals or milestones by certain deadlines, but we will fight for one another, we will love radically, we will fill our hearts with experiences of immense joy, and we will fight fiercely for the beauty of another sunrise so that we can hear the laughter of those we love. As the great bell hooks wrote, “Love is an action, never simply a feeling.”

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