A Season of Sacred Activism: 2023 Spring for Change, Active for Earthcare

2023 Virtual Worship Resources
for Earth Day & Spring for Change

As part of Spring for Change: A Season of Sacred Activism this year, Unitarian Universalist Ministry for Earth is producing a robust and beautiful virtual worship service for viewing online on Earth Day, or using in full or in part by participating congregations this Spring.

Thank you to all who joined us for our Zoom Broadcast on Thursday, April 20th!

Our faith calls us into relationship with the sacred elements of Earth and to put power in the hands of the many and not the few. This Earth Day, Unitarian Universalist Ministry for Earth was delighted to offer in meditation, song, and stories to honor nature’s elements and become Active for Earthcare – a call to engage in the face of the climate crisis. Read our 2023 Earth Day Order of Service and contributor biographies here!

Still interested to watch or re-watch? Register below for personal or congregation use!

If you would like to enjoy the service again or share the worship service with your entire congregation, we are happy to offer in two formats:

  • Complete service: a video of the entire service, including all worship elements, will be available online to congregations to stream via the platform of their choice. 
  • Distinct worship elements: videos of elemental piece of the service will be available for congregations to choose from and integrate into their own liturgies. 


This service is being developed with “Earth Month” in mind, but can be used on whatever Sunday works best for your congregation’s worship calendar. Once your congregation is registered, the videos will be sent to you by our Program Director!


We are asking that congregations make a donation to UUMFE for this worship service resource, much like they would pay a guest worship leader and/or musician.

We recommend using the UU Ministers Association’s Scale of Professional Fees as a guide ($315 – small congregations; $350 – mid-sized congregations; $385 – large congregations; $500 – very generous congregations). If such a donation is beyond the abilities of your congregation, please pay what you can. We encourage larger congregations with bigger budgets to donate more.

Your donations are critical to the work of UU Ministry for Earth to sustain and nurture UU Young Adults for Climate Justice, UU BIPOC Caucus on Climate Justice, Strengthening Local Climate Commitments, and all the justice-seeking initiatives of UU Ministry for Earth.

We also ask that your congregation dedicate a Sunday offering to UU Ministry For Earth on the day you use these materials, if possible. We will provide the invitation to the offering, as well as instructions about how to give, in the worship video(s).

If you commit to making a contribution to UUMFE in either or both of these ways, you will receive follow-up communication from us about how to complete your donations. Your generous contributions allow UUMFE to continue our shared ministry to create a better world rooted in environmental and climate justice.  We appreciate your participation, and your generous support. 

We look forward to worshiping with you!

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Other Worship Readings & Resources

Selected Readings by Stephen Shick

The Unitarian Universalist Ministry for Earth wishes to extend deep gratitude to the Reverend Stephen Shick for his willingness to share the following pieces of writing as worship resources to support Spring for Change: a Season of Sacred Activism.

This resource contains seven new unpublished works, as well as twelve selected readings from Stephen Shick’s two Skinner House publications: Be the Change: Poems, Prayers and Meditations for Peacemakers and Justice Seekers and Consider the Lilies.

Download PDF

Other Resources:

Taking a “Share the Plate” Donation

Many Unitarian Universalist congregations have a practice of sharing their Sunday offering with community organizations and groups: some congregations give away their entire offering one Sunday each month; others “split the plate” every Sunday and give half of the offering to a deserving cause.

How to Share the Plate
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Starting in 2002, UUMFE (originally the Seventh Principle Project) published a print/PDF newsletter, two or three times a year. In mid-2017, this became a short monthly email rounding up one story for inspiration, one action for activation, one tool for education, and one opportunity for connection.

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  • December – December E-News!
  • November – November E-News!
  • October – October E-News!
  • September – Preparation
  • August – Cultivation
  • July – Preparing for the Year Ahead
  • June – Survive and Thrive in Every Season
  • May – Spring for Change: A Time of Transitions (Read Aly Tharp’s Farewell Letter!)
  • April – Get Rooted, Get Ready: Celebrate Earth Day
  • March -Get Rooted, Get Ready: Spring for Change Begins!
  • February – Get Rooted, Get Ready! Spring for Change Resources!
  • January – Loving Possibilities


  • December – Joy and Justice
  • November – Cultivating Connections
  • October – Boldness and Reverence
  • September – Cultivating Connections
  • August – Answering the Call, Showing Up, Finding Joy
  • July – Call for Climate Activists
  • June – We Are All Treaty People
  • May – Celebrating & Honoring the Interdependent Web of Life
  • April – Sowing Seeds of Change for Earth Day and Beyond
  • March – Launching the BIPOC Climate Justice Caucus
  • February – Get Ready to Spring for Change
  • January – Accountability in a Just Transition


  • December – Resting, Reflecting, Looking Ahead
  • November – To hope and to harvest
  • October – “Most of it is about relationships, to be honest” – Elandria Williams
  • September Meeting the Urgency of Climate Disruption
  • August– Get up to Good Trouble
  • July – This is Our Moment
  • June – Holy Indignation, Empathy and Solidarity
  • May – Being Effective Climate Justice Activists in These Exceptional Times
  • April – Earth Day
  • March – Announcements & Important Updates
  • February – Get Ready to Spring For Change
  • January – Hindsight is 2020



  • December – Be the Grassroots
  • November – Make a Difference
  • October: Getting involved is what UU do
  • September: Prayer for Sacred Waters
  • August: Get Inspired
  • July: Call for Solidarity NOW with Indigenous Water Protectors
  • May: UUMFE Calls for Action and Photos
  • March: One Month Until Earth Day: Get Inspired, Activated, and Connected!
  • February: Get Ready for Earth Day! New Resources are Here!
  • January: New Year, New Opportunities to Act for Climate Justice!


  • December: Winter Gratitude, Joy, and Connection
  • November: Climate Action, Community Building, & Unlearning Colonization
  • October: On the Front Lines: Puerto Rico & Indigenous Peoples Day
  • September: Record-Breaking Hurricanes are a Clarion Call to Action on Climate
  • August: Infuse Your New Congregational Year with Environmental Justice
  • July: Summertime Environmental Justice: Art, Gardens, Climate, & More!


Spring/Summer 2016 (PDF)

  • Opportunities for Environmental Justice Engagement at Columbus GA
  • Message From the Board
  • Highlights From Earth Day 2016
  • Celebrating Our Eco-Heroes
  • Rising Waters Confab II.
  • Sustainability Works: New
  • Curriculum From NWEI
  • Feeling Virtuous, Being Virtuous
  • Commit2Respond Connects and Inspires
  • Congregational Study Action Issues (CSAI) – How Shall We Proceed?
  • Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret – Guest Opinion and Film Review
  • Taking a Stand on Climate Justice
  • Pacific NW UUs Participate in Break Free Action in Anacortes, WA
  • Your Support Is Needed and Appreciated
  • Appendix: (1) 2016 Proposed Congregational Study/Action Issue: Climate Change and Environmental Justice; (2) The Principles of Environmental Justice; and (3) Threat of Global Warming/Climate Change, 2006 Statement of Conscience

Winter 2016 (PDF)

  • The Climate Justice Gospel
  • Earth Day 2016: Environmental Justice to Climate Justice
  • Message from the Board
  • Honor Congregations – Thanks!
  • UUSJ Journey: Solidarity with Original Nations and Peoples
  • My War Against Hope
  • The Paris Agreement Opened Doors – Now We Need to Step Through
  • Climate Justice Reading Club
  • Northwest Earth Institute Updates Its Energy Curriculum
  • Book Review: The Whale and the Supercomputer
  • Tim DeChristopher Inspires UU Audience With Call for Non-Violent Action
  • Connecting To Earth Through Art
  • LRE Week at Star Island: Sustainability + Faith
  • Commit2Respond Announces Climate Justice Month 2016
  • Save the Date for General Assembly in Columbus, OH
  • Why I’m Not that Enthusiastic About the UNFCCC and Paris Agreement
  • Sunday Soul
  • Your Support Is Needed and Appreciated


Fall 2015 (PDF)

  • Commit2Respond: Moral Imperative for Climate Justice
  • Message From the Board Chair: Beyond the Catchy Phrase
  • Matthew McHale Ordination – Congratulations!
  • Nurturing Nature: Letting the Beauty We Love Be What We Do
  • We Have a Pope
  • The Road Through Paris and More Climate Justice News and Tools
  • Book Review: American Catch: The Fight for Our Local Seafood
  • Updates fro the UU Young Adults for Climate Justice
  • What the Frack?
  • Your Support Is Needed and Appreciated

Spring 2015 (PDF)

  • Commit2Respond and Climate Justice Featured at Portland GA
  • Message From the Board: A Double Dog Dare Is In Order . . .
  • Highlights From Earth Day 2015
  • The Hole Story
  • Commit2Resond Campaign Offers Resources and Connections
  • Book Review: Crude Justice by Stuart H. Smith
  • Update From the Environmental Justice Collaboratory
  • Review of Change the Story, Change the Future: A Living Economy for a Living Earth, by David Korten
  • California Drought Reveals Pervasive Inequities
  • GROW Climate Justice Young Adult Training Planned for August
  • Northwest Earth Institute Updates Its Climate Change Curriculum
  • Empower UUs: Support Development of Additional UUMFE Services

Winter 2015 (PDF)

  • Join Commit2Respond for Climate Justice Journey
  • From the Board Chair: Are We Healers, Leaders or Trailblazers?
  • Honor Congregations – Thanks!
  • Download UUMFE Resources
  • Update From the Environmental Justice Collaboratory
  • Hold Your Head Up
  • A Growing Justice Movement
  • Thomas Jefferson Memorial Church in Charlottesville Divests!
  • Save the Date for Portland GA
  • A Sometimes Dismaying, Weirdly Reassuring Story About Looking At People Looking At Animals In America – A Review of Wild Ones, by Jon Mooallem
  • Looking Deep in the Heart . . . with t.e.j.a.s. (Texas Environmental Justice Advocacy Services)
  • HighWaterLine Delray Beach Project Receives UUA Funding
  • Climate Justice Lobby Weekend
  • Global Divestment Day
  • Help Empower UUs: Support Development of Additional UUMFE Services


Fall 2014 (PDF)

  • Commit2Respond: A Religious Response to Climate Change
  • Message from the Board Chair
  • People’s Climate March Makes History – UUs Help!
  • Take Action for Climate Justice
  • Something’s Happening Here . . .
  • On the Move – Young Adults Look Back, Move Forward
  • Gaia In a Temper
  • UU Cool Congregations
  • The Giving Garden – Social Justice, Ecology, Community Building

Spring 2014 (PDF)

  • Opportunities For Environmental Justice Engagement at Providence GA
  • Message from the Board Chair – Going From Here To Tomorrow
  • Peace, Justice and Sustainability Are Focus of New Northwest Earth Institute Curriculum
  • Highlights From Earth Day 2014
  • Sacred Roots, New Shoots: News From Our Young Adult Network
  • Fossil Fuel Divestment Movement Builds Across Faith Communities
  • The Great March for Climate Action – Walking a Mile In Their Shoes
  • Is It War?
  • 2014 Courageous Love Award Presented to Westboro 8
  • Book Review – Feathers: The Evolution of a Natural Miracle by Thor Hanson
  • UU Church Is First In Chattanooga To Add Solar Panels

Winter 2014 (PDF)

  • Earth Day 2014: Working Towards Sustainable Communities
  • Message From the Board Chair
  • “Our Place In the Web of Life” Second Edition Now Available
  • A Seasonal Liturgical Calendar for Unitarian Universalists
  • Honor Congregations – Thanks!
  • Save the Date for Providence GA
  • NWEI Continues to Support UUs In Their Environmental Justice Work
  • Screening Bidder 70
  • Book Review – Evolution: The Triumph of an Idea
  • It’s Politics and the Economy
  • The Great March for Climate Action: Potential Game Changer
  • The Great March: Walking My Talk


Fall 2013 (PDF)

  • Guardian of the Future Award Recipients Are Eco-Justice Super-Heroes
  • Message From the Board
  • Plan to Screen Bidder 70 at Your Congregation This Fall
  • Environmental Justice (EJ) in the Spotlight at GA 2013 in Louisville
  • An Eventful Summer for UU Young Adults for Climate Justice
  • Fossil Fuel Divestment Update: GA and Beyond
  • Program Ideas for the Church Year
  • Countdown to Earth Day: Spring Equinox through Earth Day 2014 (March 20th – April 22nd)
  • Meditation While Weeding
  • Advocating For the Rights of Nature
  • Beyond Changing Light Bulbs
  • Are We Smarter Than Frogs?
  • Photos From 350.org’s Summer Heat actions
  • Empower UUs: Support Development of Additional UUMFE Services

Spring 2013 (PDF)

  • Opportunities for Environmental Justice Engagement at General Assembly
  • Message From the Board
  • Bidder 70 at GA and Beyond
  • Cedar Tree Foundation Awards UUMFE a Second $20,000 Grant
  • Northwest Earth Institute Celebrates 20 Years
  • Are You Awake?
  • Young Adult Climate Activist Group Is Growing
  • Reflecting on Earth Day 2013
  • Celebrating Our Eco-Heroes
  • Going Fossil Free?
  • Environmental Justice Plunge Leads to Effective Congregational Involvement
  • Book Review: Slow Violence and the Environmentalism of the Poor
  • Healing Our World and Ourselves
  • Faith Groups in CA Called to Action on Climate Change
  • The Pipeline Fighters in Nebraska
  • Photos from #Forward on Climate Rally
  • Earth Day Artwork from Laura Evonne Steinman

Winter 2013 (PDF)

  • Earth Day 2013: Working Towards Sustainable Communities
  • From the Board
  • Screening “Bidder 70”
  • Our Place in the Web of Life Curriculum
  • Northwest Earth Institute Courses
  • Uniting YA’s in the EJ Struggle
  • New Young Adult Environmental Justice Network
  • Protecting Utah Wilderness
  • Honor Congregations – Thanks!
  • Save the Date for Louisville GA
  • Energy Oscar for UU Church in Oakland
  • Bad Land Book Review
  • Reproductive and Environmental Justice
  • Join the #ForwardOnClimate Rally


Fall 2012 (PDF)

  • Guardian of the Future Recipients Excel in Community Networking
  • From the Board – How Do We Make Change Together?
  • Program Ideas for Church Year and District Assemblies
  • Earth Day 2013 Theme – Sustainable Communities
  • Food Days 2012 Present Justice Opportunities for Food Activists
  • Canary Community: Sentinel of Climate Injustice
  • Ethical Eating Website Launch
  • Fracking Concerns Mobilize UUs
  • Moral Challenge: Math, Evil, and Blood
  • Driving Social Change: The Activist’s Handbook
  • Church Helps Win East Oakland Bus Rapid Transit Project
  • Words of Inspiration
  • Empower UU’s: Support Development of Additional UUMFE Services

Spring 2012 (PDF)

  • Environmental Justice at “Justice” General Assembly
  • From the Board
  • New Northwest Earth Institute Curriculum Focuses On Energy
  • Earth Day Excitement
  • Interfaith Moral Action On Climate (IMAC) In Washington, D.C.
  • Municipal Sustainability Plans
  • Revolution, Realignment, Reframing
  • UUs Around the Country (and the World!) Celebrate Earth Day
  • April 24th Interfaith Moral Action On Climate (IMAC) In DC­– Photos

Winter 2012 (PDF)

  • Earth Day 2012: Immigration and Environmental Justice
  • From the Board ­– Folks Are Paying Attention!
  • UUMFE Partners with Just Label It Campaign for GE Foods
  • Our Place In the Web of Life Curriculum
  • Water Justice Is Focus of Justice Sunday 2012
  • Grants Will Help Support UUMFE’s Environmental Justice Work
  • Share Our Passion – Volunteer With UU Ministry for Earth
  • NWEI Provides Valuable Resources
  • UUMFE Embraces EcoChallenge
  • UUs in New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania Tackle Hydrofracking
  • UU Organizes New Delaware Chapter of Interfaith Power & Light
  • UU Church in Eugene Is Prize Winning Recycler
  • Honor Congregations – Thanks!


Fall 2011 (301 KB PDF)

  • From the Board
  • Guardian of the Future Awards
  • Hungry for Change, a new NWEI course
  • Review of Cynthia Barnett’s Blue Revolution
  • Environmental Justice Curriculum
  • Thank You, Rowan
  • Tar Sands Action and More! Photos on p. 8
  • Why I Protested the Tar Sands Pipeline
  • Chandler, AZ UUs and Moving Planet
  • Schenectady UU Church EJ Project
  • Freedom Through Frugality Review
  • Rev. Bob Murphy Honored by Sierra Club

Spring 2011 (PDF)

  • Environmental Justice Workshops and Events at GA
  • From the Board – Actions Become Habits
  • Ethical Eating Statement of Conscience Process
  • UUMFE Annual Meeting at GA
  • Earth Day Excitement
  • Food Day Scheduled for Oct. 24
  • Moving Planet Set for Sept. 24
  • New Experiential Workshops from Barbara Ford
  • Book Review: Paving Paradise
  • NWEI’s New Edition of Voluntary Simplicity
  • Earthfest at UU Church of Davis
  • Your Support is Needed and Appreciated

Winter 2011 (PDF)

  • Earth Day 2011: Sacred Waters
  • From the Board – As We Begin a New Year
  • Staying Present for a Troubled World – New Workshops Offered to UU Congregations and Districts
  • Northwest Earth Institute To Publish Gulf Coast Resource
  • Mt. Vernon Church Breaks Ground for Net Zero Energy System on Winter Solstice
  • Earth Jurisprudence: Beginning To Bud
  • Poem by Christopher D. Sims: I Am the UUA
  • How You Can Help


Fall 2010 (PDF)

  • Congregations Across the Country Will Participate In the 10/10/10 Global Work Party: A Day To Celebrate Climate Solutions
  • “Everything, Everything, Everything Is Holy Now”
  • Care For the Earth Is Central To General Assembly Experience
  • Lori Sands Named 2010 UUMFE Guardian of the Future
  • Key Dates for the Congregational Study/Action Issue Ethical Eating: Food and Environmental Justice
  • Karen and Ramón Urbano Honored With Volunteer Service Award
  • Matching Grants Fund Three District Environmental Conferences
  • Health Is Focus of New Northwest Earth Institute Curriculum
  • Earth Day Theme Announced
  • Congregations Will Offer a Wide Variety of 10/10/10 Work Parties
  • Generous Congregations Support the Vision of UUMFE

Spring 2010 (PDF)

  • Environment & Justice Workshops and Events at General Assembly
  • Letter From the Co-Chairs
  • UUMFE Annual Meeting at General Assembly
  • Energy, Peace and Justice Study Action Issue
  • Member Profile: Vicky Talbert
  • Northwest Earth Institute Courses
  • Workshops To Pilot Local Environmental Justice Discernment
  • Three Districts Approved for UUMFE Challenge Grant
  • Earth Day Excitement
  • Reconciliation Ecology
  • Harmony UU Church Celebrates Earth Day

Winter 2010 (PDF)

  • For the Fortieth Anniversary of Earth Day, UUMFE Invites Congregations Take a Bite Out of Food Injustice
  • From the Board: We Value Our Relationships
  • UUMFE Launches Environment and Justice ‘Green Papers’
  • The Importance of Working Together
  • We’re All Ears! Our Fifth Principle In Action With Ethical Eating
  • Emily Kao Joins Advocacy Team
  • Fifth Annual End Mountaintop Removal Week In Washington
  • Online Connections to UUMFE Community are Growing
  • UUMFE Offers Partner Grants for Districts
  • Congregational Stories: Ethical Energy


Fall 2009 (PDF)

  • International Day of Climate Action, Oct. 24th
  • A New Year – Change is in the Air
  • Rowan Van Ness Tapped for Environmental Justice Position
  • Colin High Named 2009 UUMFE Guardian of the Future
  • Focus on Food and Faith
  • UUMFE 20th Anniversary Celebration
  • Earth Song Meditation
  • AIW – In Support of America’s Red Rock Wilderness Act
  • Green Sanctuary Program Update
  • Join the Team Developing the Environmental Justice Guide

Spring 2009 (PDF)

  • Announcing the Environmental Passport for GA 2009
  • Toward Joyful Interdependence
  • With Gratitude to Rev. Katherine Jesch
  • UUs Pioneer Green Meetings
  • A Response – Rev. Laurel Hallman
  • You Can Help Write Environmental Justice Guide
  • Food Justice
  • Green and Accessible
  • Earth, Our Deep-Home-Place
  • Transformation, Collective Wisdom & You
  • Earth Day Celebration
  • New RE Curriculum – Sounds of Nature

Winter 2009 (PDF)

  • UUMFE Announces 2009 Earth Day Resources
  • Raising All Voices, Lifting All Boats
  • A Response – Rev. Peter Morales
  • Genesis of “Ethical Eating”
  • CSAI Film Review – Scarred Lands, Wounded Lives
  • Hobbs Farm – A Miracle, Seeing the Connections
  • The Hidden Language of Flowers


Fall 2008 (PDF)

  • Board and Members Review Partnerships
  • Congregational Eco-Heroes Honored
  • Changing Our Stories of Justice-Making
  • For the UUA Presidential Candidates – 7 Questions
  • Are You Feeling the Call to Action?
  • Fourteen Say YES as Parents for the Planet
  • Nourish the Self with a Retreat
  • Green Sanctuary Update
  • UUA Ethical Eating Core Team Liaison
  • 2008-2010 CSAI – Ethical Eating: Food and Environmental Justice
  • Films, Faith, and Fellowship
  • Making Seed Tape
  • Run for the Trees
  • Say NO to Plastic Bags
  • Shopping Bag Pattern and Instructions
  • Renew Our Spirits, Restore the World
  • Beacon Press and UUMFE – New Partners

Spring 2008 (PDF)

  • The Audacity of Faith
  • Looking to the Future
  • Green Sanctuary Showcase
  • Guardian of the Future Award
  • 2008 Study Action Issue Proposals
  • An Invitation – Become a Parent for the Planet
  • GA 2008 Highlights
  • “Menu for the Future” from Northwest Earth Institute
  • Regional Coordinators Active from East to West
  • Portland Office Open – Meet Sabrina Louise Harle
  • Book Review – “In Defense of Food”

Winter 2008 (PDF)

  • Unanimous Vote! UUMFE Retains Affiliate Status
  • Message from the Chair – Barbara Ford
  • Taking Green Sanctuary Beyond Our Congregations – Rev. Katherine Jesch
  • Our Seven UU Principles – Rev. Katherine Jesch
  • In Need of a Good Word – Editors, Orion Magazine
  • Restoring the Web of Creation
  • Direct Your UUA “Now is the Time” Gift
  • New Resource! We Are All Connected, 7th Principle – Butterfly and Creepy Crawlies RE Lessons


Fall 2007 (PDF)

  • Palo Alto Church Working To Save Shishmaref, Alaska – Ben Hammett
  • Leaning into the Light – Barbara Ford
  • Green Wedding Celebration – Nancy King Smith
  • Autumn Reflections, Green Sanctuary Program – Rev. Katherine Jesch
  • The Play’s the Thing – Doug Stewart
  • Covenant Group Considers Seventh Principle – Judy Perry

Spring 2007 (PDF)

  • Historic Earth Summit Connects, Inspires
  • Gratitude as a Revolutionary Act
  • Congregations Address Global Warming
  • New Resource! – Global Warming Action Kit Volume 2
  • Springtime Reflections
  • Hopedale UU Tackles Industrial Pollution
  • Secret Shoppers Help Environmental Justice
  • UUs Flock Outdoors to Celebrate
  • Cedars UUs Author Sustainability Survey
  • Our Food Choices Impact Climate Change
  • Water First – Living Drop by Drop
  • New Partnership – Low Carbon Diet
  • Book reviews


Fall 2006 (PDF)

  • Legislative Ministries Focus on Climate Change
  • Reaping the Harvest of Collaborative Efforts
  • Warm Reflections on the Chill of Winter
  • Global Warming: Changing CO2urse
  • Florida Church Eco-Preserve Reaches Community
  • Green Sanctuary Program is HOT!
  • Spotlight: Model Regional Coordinator

Spring 2006 (PDF)

  • UU Statement of conscience on global warming
  • There is no “out there” by Rev. Louise Green
  • Message from the board chair
  • Healthy children, healthy planet
  • Green Sanctuary program comes of age
  • Book and film reviews


Fall 2005 (PDF)

  • UU Ministry for Earth visibility campaign
  • Dealing with tragedy and despair
  • Message from the board chair
  • Addressing global warming
  • UU churches and green power
  • Hotel Earth and small group ministry
  • New Greeen Sanctuaries

Summer 2005 (PDF)

  • Message from SPP board chair
  • Bill Sinkford and the cyber-march on global warming
  • SPP receives granf from UU Program Fund
  • GA 2005 events sponsored by the SPP
  • Plane Travel and Sustainable Living
  • Living our Values in the Modern World
  • Green Sanctuary Program news
  • SPP board member news

Winter 2005 (PDF)

  • Emerson Unitarian Church of Houston
  • Message from SPP board chair
  • Global warming study/action resources
  • Upcoming adult RE resource guide
  • Guest column by Tina Clarke of Clean Water Action


Fall 2004 (PDF)

  • Global Warming is new UUA/CSW Study/Action Issue
  • GA 2004 highlights
  • Green Sanctuary Program news
  • Message from SPP board chair

Summer 2004 (PDF)

  • GA 2004 events sponsored by the SPP
  • New SPP resources
  • Green Sanctuary Program news
  • SPP board member news

Spring 2004 (PDF)

  • New resource projects for UU congregations
  • The Seventh Principle Fund
  • Green Sanctuary Program news & ideas
  • Earth Day meditations
  • Commission on Social Witness study/action issues


Fall 2003 (PDF)

  • New Green Sanctuaries
  • General Assembly 2003 in review
  • Green Sanctuary Program news & ideas
  • The Interfaith Power & Light movement
  • Greening General Assembly

Spring 2003 (PDF)

  • GA 2003 events sponsored by the SPP
  • Green Sanctuary workshops at GA 2003
  • SPP Board meeting highlights
  • The SPP and the UUA
  • Green Sanctuary Program news


Fall 2002 (PDF)

  • 2002 SPP annual meeting update
  • GA 2002 news and highlights
  • About the Earth Charter
  • Northwest Earth Institute courses
  • Green Sanctuary Program news