Weekly Live Meditations 

“Inspiration, radical amazement, wonder and gratitude are an antidote to despair, fear, and certitudes that constrict awareness.” 

Dr. Heather Eaton, Eco-Feminist Theologies in the Age of Climate Crisis 

Join UUMFE for a  weekly, online, live meditation for 30 minutes (including community sharing). Rev. Kelly Dignan (UUMFE’s Co-director, Programs) will host, and she or a guest will lead. 

Thursday mornings

9:30 am ET/ 8:30 CT/ 7:30 MT/ 6:30 PT

September 11, 2023 through November 16, 2023 

If you like it, we’ll keep going! 

Recordings will remain available in a Vimeo library for ongoing use

Earth-centered practices help us in a variety of ways. They:

  • Remind us that we are nature
  • Help us return to pre-colonial ways of connecting with nature
  • Help us release our grief and despair over the current state of the world and climate chaos
  • Train our bodies and minds
  • Give us practical tools for Earth care
  • Sustain us in the long work toward justice and our action for future generations
  • Affirm our 7th (and  8th) principles of faith – interdependence and beloved community. 
  • Help us live our UU Sixth Source: Spiritual teachings of Earth-centered traditions which celebrate the sacred circle of life and instruct us to live in harmony with the rhythms of nature.

Unitarian Universalist Ministry for Earth’s weekly meditation gatherings will, over time, offer the following: 

Reflection and Reciprocity Practices

  • Develop a practice of thanksgiving and reciprocity
    • Write love letters to Earth
    • Other reciprocity practices
  • Keep a nature journal
  • Gratitude
  • Working with the energetic Earth

Outdoor Practices

  • Engage all your senses 
  • Orient to your own yard or balcony and neighborhood 
  • Walk sacredly
  • Find a sit spot where you can go regularly to practice to observe and unite with nature
  • Listen to bird language and learn to interpret it
  • Track animal prints
  • Map where you wander
  • Feel the elements of air, water, earth and fire and how they offer us spiritual support. Let them take your burdens. Offer thanks. 
  • Notice the four directions
  • Find your bioregion
  • Gardening as ritual 

Indoor Practices

  • Grounding
  • Harmonizing to release trauma 
  • Build altars
  • Visualization and guided imagery – a practice that addresses accessibility for those who cannot experience Earth in a physical way or for those who lack access to Earth. 
  • Mindful reading of Earth-based poems or prose

Community Practices

  • Share a “nature story of the day” with someone
  • Share your eco story