Tools for Organizing & Taking Action

As people of faith and conscience, it is our moral responsibility to take bold action to bring the web of life back into balance — as individuals, groups of people of faith, and whole congregations. How we take action matters, so this page offers tools to support effective, impactful, and spiritually robust organizing and action.

For resources to ground you and/or your group in the framework of environmental justice, check out UUMFE’s environmental justice framework and resources page.

For congregations

  • Tools for Congregational Justice Programs
    Top resources for congregational teams from the Unitarian Universalist Association for how to get grounded in a spiritual model, how to build and focus your justice ministry, how to build partnerships, different ways to take action and deepen engagement.
  • Inspired Faith Effective Action
    This free 30-page workbook published by the Unitarian Universalist Association provides solid information and exercises for congregational action teams on topics from religious grounding to how to practice accountability to strategic planning and skills and tactics.
  • Spirit-based Activism Toolkit
    Free workshop activities and group exercises from Turning the Tide focused on helping participants identify and ground themselves in the links between social change, faith, well-being and personal transformation.
  • 100 Services for Climate Justice challenge
    Join the campaign to hold worship services on climate justice led by UU young adults!

For individuals or small groups

UU circles of practice and Facebook groups

UU groups for organizing around particular topics