Share the Plate Donations

Many Unitarian Universalist congregations have a practice of sharing their Sunday offering with community organizations and groups: some congregations give away their entire offering one Sunday each month; others “split the plate” every Sunday and give half of the offering to a deserving cause.

Our time to avert climate catastrophe is precious and limited, and Unitarian Universalists have an important role to play in these critical years. It is core to our Unitarian Universalist faith identity to be inclusive community centers, catalyzers, and moral voices for justice and positive social change.

UUMFE could not do the work that it does today without the support of congregations, many of which take up special collections for UUMFE on or around Earth Day or other appropriate dates.

  • Make an appeal to your church board and/or special collection decision makers requesting that your congregation support the work of UUMFE. Share the following resources with them:
  • Publicize the work of UUMFE and the date of the “Share the Plate” through your newsletter, bulletin boards, and the pulpit;
  • On the day of the service, set up an information table (if possible) to show congregants the work UUMFE is doing;
  • Print the UUMFE Order of Service insert  (print two-sided and cut in half), this insert can be handed out with the Sunday Order of Service;
  • During the service give a brief synopsis of UUMFE and the importance of financial support;
  • Send donations to UUMFE, 1034 SW 13th Avenue, Portland, OR 97205
UUMFE Brochure Donor Appeal