About UU Young Adults for Climate Justice

Our mission is to grow a diverse network of Unitarian Universalist young adult activists grounded in faith, supported by each other and the UU community at large, and working together for climate justice.

Our vision is that our individual and collective actions catalyze the movement for a socially just, resilient, and sustainable future.

Our members are young adults, aged 18-35, who are climate justice activists with some connection to the Unitarian Universalist faith.

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Our Leadership

UUYACJ is currently supported by a paid, part-time young adult UUMFE staff member, one paid young adult intern, who work with a core team of young adults spread across North America. Our logo was created by Gaby Lamoureux. Join our network!

Zoe smiling in front of a background of vertical, multi-colored stripes.

Hello All! My name is Zoë Johnston and I’m the Network Coordinator for UU Young Adults for Climate Justice. I currently attend Arcadia University outside of Philadelphia and am majoring in International Studies with a minor in History. Although I live in Pennsylvania now, I grew up in Colorado and my heart still lies with the mountains. In my free time, I tend to my many houseplants and indulge in watching reality competition shows.

I’m a lifelong Unitarian Universalist and it is in part my faith that brings me to climate work. The 7th Principle has always resonated with me, to “respect the interdependent web of all life of which we are a part.” I think the most important piece is the recognition that we as humans are part of the web of life. We are not separate from the environment but are instead deeply influential in it. As convener of UU Young Adults for Climate Justice, I’m curious to explore how we can be in compassionate relationship with the environment.

Connect with Zoë : uuyacj@uumfe.org.

Our History

UUYACJ was founded in 2012 by UU Ministry for Earth with the support of the UU Funding Program. In our first few years, we focused on building community through offering workshops at regional UU young adult gatherings and the annual Unitarian Universalist Association General Assembly, which we have continued to do every year.

Our first network coordinator was Rev. Jennifer Nordstrom, followed by Curtis Murphy of Ontario (2013-2014), and Aly Tharp of Texas (September 2014 to present), who now serves as UUMFE Programs Director.

In fall 2014, UUYACJ adopted a unique and consensus-based model for directly-democratic decision making among members, and shortly thereafter adopted our first continental campaign—100 Worship Services for Climate Justice—as part of the denomination-wide Commit2Respond climate justice campaign, of which UUYACJ served as a sponsoring leader.

In August 2015, we helped to create GROW Climate Justice—the first UU-sponsored skill-building workshop for young adult climate justice activism, with the UU College of Social Justice. In February 2016, we began a Climate Justice Book Club. Read our stories!

A multiracial group of two dozen young adults cheers and holds a banner that says "Grow Climate Justice"

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