Have you seen the latest issue of UU World? It is rich with resources!

Please be sure to check out:

1. A poignant, moving essay by Alice Kurima Newberry on “Finding hope in uncomfortable truth.”

2. “A Glimpse at Earth-Loving Faith Initiatives,” a gentle overview into the environmental justice work of numerous faith traditions.

3. A special piece by Elaine McArdle examining varied approaches to climate justice within the Unitarian Universalist community.

4. A special interview with Congresswoman (and Unitarian Universalist!) Judy Chu. Congresswoman Chu notes, the Unitarian Universalist faith has “such incredible commitment to social justice. And to me, that’s what religious activity should be about. It’s about making this world a better place.”

5. Please take a moment to urge your US Congressional representatives to support the Environmental Justice for All Act.