UUYACJ Movement Training Workshop Series

Saturday, March 26th

Saturday, April 2nd

Saturday, April 9th


This workshop series was inspired by this year’s Spring For Change theme, “Get Rooted, Get Ready.” It is a space for young adults who are looking to deepen their connection to activism and build tangible skills into their justice work. The goal of these workshops is to explore how we can center care practices in our justice organizing — care for ourselves, each other, and the Earth. The climate crisis has been exacerbated by a culture of profit, extraction, and exploitation; we must respond differently. Working from a radical context of care empowers us to work as resilient communities and helps prevent burnout.

We have an amazing group of people that will be presenting this workshop series. UUYACJ is deeply grateful to have these people as accomplices in our fight for climate justice.

Spiraling In and Out of Eco-Grief
Saturday, March 26th (3pm ET/ 2pm CT/ 1pm MT/ 12pm PT)

Led by Rev. Karen Johnston and Rev. Stacy Craig, this workshop uses the structure of the four-point spiral from the Work That Reconnects to name, explore, and move through the grief we all experience in the face of the climate crisis. Using poetry, videos, and small group exercises, this workshop asks you to face your fear for the planet, not to be consumed by it, but in order to move through it.

Jail Support 101 
Saturday, April 2nd (4pm ET/ 3pm CT/ 2pm MT/ 1pm PT)
**Note that this workshop is an hour later than the others

Casey Clowes, Antoinette Scully, Hanan Robinson, and Alex Sherwood are the team behind this workshop. Jail support is a vital foundation for direct actions. It empowers participants to risk arrest knowing that they have a team helping them through the incarceration process and actively working to get them out. This workshop will focus on the logistics of jail support before, during, and after an action, as well as after incarceration. In addition, this workshop will discuss how jail support is a community care practice.

Health and Wellness: For the Moment/For the Future
Saturday, April 9th (3pm ET/ 2pm CT/ 1pm MT/ 12pm PT)

This workshop led by Rev. Elizabeth Mount will be divided into two sections. “For the Moment” will cover what you can do for individual health, grounding, and safety at an event or action. “For the Future” will ask us how do we celebrate, lament, and stay resilient? It also asks how can we encourage the long-term wellness of our organizing spaces.

We encourage you to attend all three, but it is not required! Attend as many as you are able, even if that’s just one!