Are you passionate about food justice, global justice and climate justice? Next year’s seminar will take place all online April 9-11, 2021, and builds off of this year’s climate justice theme to focus on the connections between food and climate justice. I really enjoyed working on this year’s spring seminar as part of the Trajectory of Learning Team, and highly recommend this opportunity to make this important event empowering, fulfilling, inclusive, and fun. Check out dispatches from the 2020 Spring Seminar here in case you missed it.

These positions are all-volunteer for now, but the UU@UN hopes to provide stipends to recognize the commitment that Planning Committee members put in, in place of the benefits that come during an in-person event.

Planning Committee Positions:

Communications & Publicity Team: Publicize the Seminar to promote registration and coordinate communications with registered participants to ensure that they are prepared to attend. This will include creating and promoting the program book and event app, required pre-seminar assignments relating to the theme, as well as sharing logistical details with attendees such as when/how to participate, how to access all the programs, etc. This outreach will be done via social media, blog posts, email blasts, letters of invitation, and updating webpages. During the event, the Team will help participants to connect with each other and with the wider Seminar community.

Logistics & Accessibility Team: Responsible for logistics coordination of the Intergenerational Seminar to maximize clarity and accessibility. Work with UUA staff and the rest of the Planning Committee to execute logistical planning of the seminar including setting up virtual meeting spaces, researching and implementing technological adaptations, advising on scheduling and transitions between sessions, etc.

Trajectory of Learning Team: Responsible for designing the trajectory of learning during the Intergenerational Spring Seminar, including organizing and coordinating the main content of the Spring Seminar, such as workshops, panel discussions, keynote speakers, small group discussion time, and other performances/presentations. All programs should be engaging and as much as possible, should be interactive, multisensory experiences; the team should aim to minimize the time when participants are just staring at their screens, listening. The Trajectory of Learning Team should consider how to ensure that these sessions flow smoothly from one to another and that the overall Seminar objectives are achieved.

Spiritual Grounding Team: Work to ensure that participants remain spiritually grounded and don’t burn out over the course of the 3 action-packed days. Collaborate with other planning team members to incorporate spiritual elements throughout the Spring Seminar, including in workshops, collaboration group time, and other activities. Plan worship services for the first and last days of the seminar. This team will include but is not limited to two Youth Chaplains and two Adult Chaplains; you can also apply to be a chaplain here.