Earth Day 2020

The 50th Earth Day — April 22, 2020 — is an important occasion to observe and celebrate!

Below you will find some key resources to support your planning. Do you already have something exciting in the works? Let UUMFE know by “registering” your event below.


Why It Matters (More Than Ever)

On April 22, 1970, 20 million Americans — at the time, 10% of the total population of the United States — took to the streets, parks and auditoriums to demonstrate for a healthy, sustainable environment in massive coast-to-coast rallies. Thousands of colleges and universities organized protests against the deterioration of the environment…

Earth Day 1970 achieved a rare political alignment, enlisting support from Republicans and Democrats, rich and poor, urban dwellers and farmers, business and labor leaders. By the end of 1970, the first Earth Day led to the creation of the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the passage of the Clean Air, Clean Water and Endangered Species Acts.”

(Source: Earth Day Network: The History of Earth Day)

As this 50th Earth Day approaches, the EPA is being run by a former coal lobbyist and the Clean Air, Clean Water, and Endangered Species Acts are being diluted and dismantled in dozens of ways. The climate crisis is reaching a deadly tipping point, and yet many wealthy governments, corporations, and individuals around the world continue to deny the crisis and even obstruct climate action.

Time is running out. Another mass mobilization that can shift the social, economic, and political landscapes of our times is urgently needed in order to have any chance of restoring ecological balance and wellbeing on Earth.

The global goal is to mobilize over 1 billion people to engage in advocacy, citizen science, direct action, education, and community building to honor our Earth — and Unitarian Universalists will be an active part of it as individuals, as congregations, and as a denomination!

May this coming Earth Day be another big one for the history books.

UUMFE is partnering with the Earth Day Network.




Get Ready to Strike for Climate

The global youth-led Climate Strike movement is on the rise and has gained tremendous momentum around the world in less than a year. A three-day general strike has been called for April 22-24th, 2020. EVERYONE is invited to join the strikes in whatever ways they can. Everyone is needed, to successfully “strike for life”.

Find out all you need to know about where to find information and how to plug into the climate strikes with your  faith community on the UUMFE climate strike campaign webpage linked below:

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 Worship Resources

Are you planning a worship service at your congregation? UUMFE has compiled resources to support you in putting together a wonderful worship service:

Earth Day Worship Resources

Additional Resources

Write Here! Write Now! Letter Writing Advocacy Campaign (USA)

Throughout the months of March and April, collect letters at your congregation calling for new laws to address the climate crisis, to be delivered by hand to your representatives in the US House and Senate on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. by the Unitarian Universalists for Social Justice’s Advocacy Corps. Campaign resources are currently in development. Sign up for updates by clicking the title above and filling out the sign-up form.

Host a Benefit Film Screening of The Condor & The Eagle

This campaign call for film screening events around World Water Day — however, it’s perfectly alright to schedule a screening event for around Earth Day as well. The Condor & The Eagle documentary offers a glimpse into a developing spiritual renaissance as the film’s four protagonists learn from each other’s long legacy of resistance to colonialism and its extractive economy.

Create Artwork for the Procession of the Species at GA 2020

Lead up to Biodiversity Sunday (May 17, 2020) by beginning to have conversations about the endangered species in your local area, and the invitation to join a Procession of the Species at the UUA General Assembly in June, 2020.



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