Global Climate Strike

Join (or organize) a climate strike in your area. Click the link below to find out where and how (organizing site hosted by

Organized global action is necessary to end the fossil fuel economy that is destroying our planet and educate on the possibility of renewable and sustainable energy sources. To make this happen, massive turnout is necessary to show world leaders that the people are committed to the changes necessary. We are not starting from scratch. Youth, Indigenous Peoples, workers, and people of color are at the forefront of social movements and change, and demands for climate justice are escalating across America. Since Swedish student Greta Thunberg went on strike in August 2018, youth leaders have taken up the tactic and are catalyzing action in our communities.

This is a fight for ourselves, for our future, and for future generations. This is a fight for justice for all: workers, students, parents, teachers, conservatives, liberals, socialists, and everyone else. We can fight against climate breakdown, and we can fight against environmental destruction. We need to all be part of this, or else the establishment won’t budge. We can do this if we do this together. – Evan Cholerton of Earth Strike International

The climate strikes are slated for September 20th and 27th—with additional actions slated for the days in between—are planned in over 150 countries so far. The upcoming protests are sponsored by a diverse group of global organizations, including Amnesty International, Oxfam, La Via Campesina, Fridays for Future, and Extinction Rebellion. The strikes culminate with the United Nations Summit on Climate Change on September 23rd in New York.

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