Theologies of Place: Zine Submission Guidelines

Theologies of Place: Zine Submission Guidelines

UUYACJ is curating and publishing a zine exploring the threads between place, spirituality and climate justice. We will use this art to connect our local movements and organize our communities. 

Zine FAQs

Who can submit?

A main goal of this zine is to uplift young adult leadership in addressing the climate crisis and highlight our emergent relationships to place, so the zine will center work from UU and UU-aligned young adults ages 18-35, located anywhere. Multigenerational submissions are welcome, as long as young adult leadership is part of the art-making process.  We hope to make more of an intergenerational zine in the future! We hope to gather a diverse range of art from across Turtle Island, though global submissions are of course welcome!

What can I submit?

Submissions must:

  • be original work (individual or collaborative)
  • include young adult leadership
  • respond to the theme in some way. Need ideas? Check out the resources page.
  • be rendered in a 2D format, preferably a pdf in the highest resolution possible.

There is no limit to submissions per person/group. You can submit as many pieces as you like, though please note it’s possible not all of the pieces may be included.

Get creative! Think poem, essay, photo, collage, drawing, comic, sermon, homily, prayer, reflection, affirmation, lyrics, interview, article, map, flowchart, ethnography, history, family tree, etc! 

How do I submit my art?

Fill out this interest form and we will follow up about a submissions form soon.

When are submissions due? 

Submissions are open now until April 15.

How will the zine be published? And how can I read it?

The zine will be in color, likely a booklet of 8 1/2 x 11″ paper folded in half. We are currently looking for a publisher that fits our values. The zine will ideally be available for free through the creative commons license, as we want it to be accessible to all to be used as an organizing tool. The zine will be released at General Assembly, June 21. 

Will I be compensated for my work?

It is our goal to compensate artists for their work! We are currently exploring grants and other fundraising sources to cover printing and shipping costs, and anything leftover will go straight to the contributors. Please consider donating to the project and sharing information in your communities. 

Have other questions?

Reach out to Amelia Diehl, UUYACJ Network Coordinator at