Theologies of Place: Zine Art-Making

Theologies of Place: Zine Art-Making

Host or Join an Art-Making Party!

Art is best shared with a community. Not only will the finished product of a zine be a great tool to organize our communities, but the process of making art is a fun and meaningful way to build community for social change!

Host an art-making party in your community

Some considerations to get you started:

  • How big of a space do you need? Can you use a UU church space?
  • What materials do you need? Maybe paint brushes, paper, cloth, magazines, etc…
  • Are there any local UU/art/social justice organizations you can reach out to?
  • Spread the word on social media
  • Learn more about art as organizing strategy

Join our regular online calls to hold each other accountable

Upcoming calls on zoom:

Sat. April 11th / noon PDT/2pm CDT/3pm EDT – Join here
Mon. April 15th / 6pm PDT/8pm CDT/9pm EDT – Join here
Wed. April 17th 6pm PDT/8pm CDT/9pm EDT – Join here
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