100 Services for Climate Justice

100 Young Adult-Led Worship Services for Climate Justice

Aly Tharp preaching at Westside UU in Ft. Worth, TX in October 2016

In late 2014, UU Young Adults for Climate Justice made a commitment to support one hundred Unitarian Universalist services about climate justice, led by young adults. We know that younger generations will be more impacted by climate change than older generations, so young adult leadership on climate justice is crucial.

Join the campaign!

Bring a UUYACJ leader to your congregation: fill out our interest form. Honor the energy and leadership of young adult activists and join us in a process of deepening our community’s intergenerational ties and understanding of what it means to seek climate justice.

Lead a service as a young adult: express your interest here. Any UU young adult passionate about climate justice is invited to participate and connect with congregations near you. We want to support your success, and we have resources available to assist you. A climate justice service can take any form; it doesn’t have to be a traditional sermon from the pulpit. Services can include workshops, discussion, meditation, performances, poetry readings, and more.

Successful Services

  1. September 23, 2014: Tim DeChristopher and Murtaza Nek preached “Raucous but Reverent” at the People’s Climate March in New York City. James Ploeser was worship leader.
  2. April 12, 2015:
    1. Julian Sharp preached at St. John in the Mountains Episcopal Church, Stowe, VT.
    2. Tim DeChristopher preached at Old Cambridge Baptist Church, Cambridge, MA.
    3. Elizabeth Mount preached in Greeley, CO.
    4. Rev. Jennifer Channin preached “Not Waiting for a Miracle” at the UU Church of San Diego, CA.
  3. April 19, 2015:
    1. Matthew McHale preached at First UU Church in Oakland, CA.
    2. Kenny Wiley preached at Prairie UU Church, Parker, CO.
    3. Tim DeChristopher preached “Earth Day Celebration” at First Church Boston, MA.
  4. April 26, 2015: Rev. Heather Concannon preached “Hope in an Age of Ecological Despair” at the UU Area Church at First Parish, Sherborn, MA.
  5. June 6, 2015: Asha Philar preached a sermon on climate change at the First Unitarian Congregation of Ottawa, Canada.
  6. June 21, 2015: Matthew McHale preached “Shifting Energy: From Fossil Fuels to Climate Action” at Unitarian Universalists of San Mateo, CA.
  7. June 27, 2015: UU Young Adults for Climate Justice led an intergenerational worship service, “United for Climate Justice” at the UUA General Assembly in Portland, OR, with leadership by Kevin Mann and Mathew McHale (preachers), Jennifer Nordstrom (worship leader), Jen Hayman (music director), Dave Ruffin (worship music leader), Rev. Sofia Betancourt (soloist), Amanda Weatherspoon, Rev. Abbey Tennis, Jim Lewis, Anne Scott, Lisa Randall, and Cledwyn Jones (singers), and Rev. Leon Dunkley (percussion).
  8. August 16, 2015: Curtis Murphy preached “On Civil Disobedience” in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
  9. September 5, 2015: Matthew McHale and Emmalinda MacLean delivered a worship at the PSWD Young Adult Camp, Camp de Benneville Pines, CA.
  10. September 13, 2015: Ariel Aaronson-Eves delivered “Mark 8:27-38 and Climate Justice” at St. John’s Episcopal Church, Great Bend, KS.
  11. October 11, 2015: Aly Tharp preached “Discovering Climate Justice” at the Arlington UU Church, Arlington, TX.
  12. October 18, 2015: Aly Tharp preached “Discovering Climate Justice” at Westside UU Church, Ft. Worth, TX.
  13. October 25, 2015: Evan Seitz preached at First Parish, Needham, MA.
  14. October 28, 2015: Amelia Diehl and Beloit College’s UU campus ministry led a presentation at the UU Church in Rockford, IL.
  15. November 8, 2015: Ariel Aaronson-Eves preached at Prairie UU Church, Hutchinson, KS.
  16. November 15, 2015:
    1. Em Dumond preached at the Unitarian Universalists of San Mateo, CA.
    2. Aly Tharp preached at Red River UU Church, Denison, TX.
  17. November 29, 2015:
    1. Aly Tharp preached at Pathways UU Church, Hurst, TX.
    2. Steve Sturdivant preached at Horizon UU Church, Carrollton, TX.
  18. December 6, 2015: Rev. Matthew McHale preached “Shifting Energy: From Fossil Fuels to Climate Action” at Berkeley Fellowship of UUs, Berkeley, CA.
  19. December 13, 2015: Rev. Jennifer Nordstrom preached at Third Unitarian Church, Chicago, IL.
  20. January 3, 2016: Montana Steele preached at San Gabriel UU Fellowship, Georgetown, TX.
  21. January 23, 2016: Aly Tharp preached “No War, No Warming” at the North Texas UU Congregations Award Luncheon, Dallas, TX.
  22. January 24, 2016: Chance Whitby preached at Open Circle UU Fellowship, Fond du Lac, WI.
  23. March 6, 2016: Tim DeChristopher preached “Facing Fear, Confronting Change” for the Sunday Soul web-cast sermon with the Church of the Larger Fellowship and First Unitarian Church of Portland, OR.
  24. March 13, 2016:
    1. Ariel Aaronson-Eves preached at Prairie UU Fellowship, Hutchinson, KS.
    2. Elizabeth Mount preached at the UU Church of Bolder, CO.
  25. March 20, 2016: Elizabeth Mount preached at the Castle Rock UU Community, Castle Rock, CO.
  26. April 3, 2016: Evan Seitz preached at the UU Church of Marlborough and Hudson, MA.
  27. April 10, 2016: Amanda Weatherspoon preached at the UU Church of Palo Alto, CA.
  28. April 17, 2016:
    1. Ethan Bodnaruk preached at the First UU Society of Syracuse, NY.
    2. Christopher Watkins Lamb preached “Have Your Earth and Eat it Too” at Church of Greeley, CO.
  29. April 23, 2016: Rev. Elizabeth Nguyen preached at a #StopSpectra rally in West Roxbury, MA.
  30. April 24, 2016:
    1. Aly Tharp preached “Commit2Respond for Climate Justice” at the UU Fellowship of Tyler, TX.
    2. Rev. Elizabeth Nguyen preached at the First Parish of Cohasset, MA.
    3. Zarna preached “Obedience to Oppression = Climate Injustice” at the Westside UU Church, Seattle, WA.
  31. April 26, 2016: Rev. Matthew McHale preached “A Religious Community for These Times” at Emerson UU Church, Canoga Park, CA.
  32. May 23, 2016: Arielle Canning, Asha Phillar, and Aly Tharp delivered a young adult worship at the Canadian Unitarian Council Annual General Meeting Young Adult Mini-Con in Vancouver, B.C., Canada.
  33. June 26, 2016:
    1. Emma Finkle preached at the UU Church of Lehigh Valley, Bethlehem, PA.
    2. Ariel Aaronson-Eves preached “You Are What You Eat” at Central Unitarian Church, Paramus, NJ.
  34. July 3, 2016:
    1. Ariel Aaronson-Eves preached “You Are What You Eat” at Morristown Unitarian Fellowship, Morristown, NJ.
    2. Ariel Aaronson-Eves preached “You Are What You Eat” at South Church, Portsmouth, NH.
  35. October 16, 2016:
    1. Chowgene Koay preached at the Arlington UU Church, Arlington, TX.
    2. Aly Tharp preached at Red River UU Church, Denison, TX.
  36. November 5, 2016: Chowgene Koay preached at the Pathways UU Church, Hurst, TX.
  37. February 5, 2017: Aly Tharp preached “Unitarian Universalists Commit to Respond for Climate Justice” at Unitarian Universalists of the Big Bend, Alpine, TX.
  38. February 6, 2017: Elizabeth Mount preached a webinar sermon, “Growing from Our Grounding” from Denver, CO.
  39. March 22, 2017: Amelia Diehl hosted an online worship for World Water Day from Beloit, WI.
  40. April 27, 2017: Five UU young adults participated in a forest walking meditation in Washington, D.C.
  41. April 29, 2017: Amelia Diehl and Clare Lanaghan, with Nancy Combs-Morgan and Rev. Ashley Horan, co-led a creative collaborative worship at the UUA Mid-America Regional Assembly in Oak Park, IL
  42. April 30, 2017: Amelia Diehl gave the reflection “Moving Toward Climate Justice” as part of an Earth Day service at the Atonement Lutheran Church, Beloit, WI.
  43. September 24, 2017: Aly Tharp preached “A Vision for Climate Justice” at Community UU Church of Plano, TX
  44. January 28, 2017: Aly Tharp preached “A Vision for Climate Justice: at Westside UU Church in Fort Worth, TX
  45. December 9, 2018: Isabel Call preached “Imagining Abundance Into Being” at North Idaho UU Church.
  46. July 28, 2019: Taylor Lightman preached “Eco-Theology As Climate Change Adaptation” in Northumberland, PA at the Unitarian Universalists Congregation of the Susquehanna Valley.