COP 27 UN Climate Summit


The 27th Conference of Parties (COP) will be held from 6-18 November 2022.  Egypt will host nearly 200 countries and their representatives to further the goals of the of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, (UNFCCC).

The UUA is approved to send observers from civil society to COP 27 through the UU Service Committee (UUSC) and UUA at the UN Office and will elevate these KEY MESSAGES:
1.  Ensure the active & meaningful participation of civil society from the global south.
2.  Protect the human rights of civil society and their freedom of expression
3.  Act swiftly to address the issue of climate-forced displacement (See Climate-Forced Displacement Efforts 2022-2023 below)
     a.  Mitigation
     b.  Loss & Damage
     c.  Adaptation & Resilience
     d.  Climate Finance (see Take Action with UUSJ below)

COP 27 Key Agenda Items

COP 26 Mural

COP 27 Events & Schedules

UUSC & Partner Events at COP 27

UUSC COP 27 Info Page – What is COP 27 & Why does it Matter

UN FCCC Event Schedule

US Center Schedule (US State Department & Partners)

6 Nov Panel & Interfaith Gathering at COP 27
COP 27 Side Events Schedule

Green Zone Events Schedule 

America is All In Action Center COP 27 (with City & State Emphasis)

UN COP 27 Thematic Tracks


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UUMFE Daily Discussions On Zoom
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As we open each discussion, we will join the global voices of faith
in Prayers for the Planet, by invitation
of the Interfaith Liaison Committee of the UNFCCC.

Wed 2 Nov 8 pm ET
COP 27 Overview and UUA Priorities
“Think Globally Act Locally” is Strengthen Local Climate Commitments (SLCC) Goal #5

Thur 3 Nov 7 pm ET Orientation on how to Navigate COP 27 Resources

Sun 6 Nov  12:30 pm Interfaith Gathering at COP 27
Tue 8 Nov  4 pm ET
Daily Check-In
Wed 9 Nov 1 pm ET Dialog Day
Topics:  World Leader Comments, Climate Finance & Open Dialog

Thur 10 Nov 4 pm ET Daily Check-In
Fri 11 Nov 4 pm ET Daily Check-In
Sat 12 Nov 1 pm ET Dialog Day
Topics:  Finance, Science, Youth and Future Generations, Decarbonization Day & Open Dialog

Mon 14 Nov 12 noon ET ACTION HOUR with UUSJ: A Climate Reality Check RSVP Here
Mon 14 Nov
 4 pm ET Daily Check-In
Tue 15 Nov 4 pm ET Daily Check-In
Wed 16 Nov 1 pm ET Dialog Day
Topics:  Adaptation and Agriculture, Gender, Water, Ace and Civil Society Day, Energy Day & Open Dialog

Thur 17 Nov 4 pm ET Daily Check-In
Fri 18 Nov 1 pm ET Dialog Day
Topics:  Biodiversity & Solutions Day, What’s left on the Negotiation Table? & Open Dialog

Sat 19 Nov 4 pm ET Daily Check-In
Tue 22 Nov 4 pm ET Daily Check-In
Wed 7 Dec 8 pm ET (SLCC National Monthly Collaboration Call)

COP 27 What Happened? & UU Priorities


Dr. William McPherson, Member, University Unitarian, Seattle Washington

Author of Ideology versus Science, Climate Weather and Ideology and Sabotaging the Planet, Dr. William McPherson is a retired environmental diplomat with 21 years’ service in the U.S. Foreign Service, including assignments in Tokyo and Geneva. He has continued his work on international environmental issues, after retirement, working with Earth Negotiations Bulletin, a newsletter on environmental negotiations. He has served in assignments in Europe, Japan, Korea and the Philippines as well as other countries. He is an activist with the Sierra Club and Unitarian Universalist Church, working on issues of climate change.


Doris Marlin, Member All Souls Church UU, Washington DCDoris Marlin has been Unitarian Universalist since 1985. Formerly a board member with Unitarian Universalist Ministry for Earth, currently UUSJ Advocacy Corps member & the campaign coordinator for Strengthen Local Climate Commitments (SLCC).  Now retired from federal service, with MS in Water Resources Management, Marlin has been active with prior COPS as a UUA Civil Society Observer for COP 21 Paris, 22 Morocco, 24 Katowice, Poland & Delegation Head for COP 26 in Glasgow, including passing, with a widespread team of UUs, the UUA 2015 General Assembly Support a Strong, Compassionate Global Climate Agreement in 2015: Act for a Livable Climate | Action of Immediate Witness | Social Witness Statements |

Who are the UUs on location at COP 27?

Lily Hartzell

Lily Hartzell, UU Fellowship of Redwood City, CA residing in Boston, Master’s candidate
at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University, COP 27 Observer with UUA.

Hear from Lily (video link)




Cindy Piester

Cindy Piester, UU Church of Ventura (CA), COP27 Observer with Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom
If we are to have any chance of meeting the 1.5° C goal, all emissions must be counted. However, while military emissions contribute 6% globally, their under-reporting to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) remains both problematic and voluntary. So, I hope to build broad domestic and international solidarity in support of urgent corrective measures to update military emissions reporting protocols by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and governments. I also hope to be attentive to the messages of the Global South so I may better share them, as it is, we in the Global North bear the greater responsibility for the climate crisis.

Deb Pritchard, Avila Beach, CA, COP 27 Observer with UUA & International Convocation of UU Women (IWC)

Salote Soqo –Unitarian Universalist Service Committee, Director of Advocacy, Global Displacement

Athi Tolvanen – Lakehead Unitarian Fellowship in Thunder Bay, UU@UN Envoy, and a member of The Finnish Unitarian Universalist Society, traveling from Finland

Daphne Wysham, Methane Action

Daphne Wysham – UU at large, traveling from Port Townsend, WA, Chief Executive Officer of Methane Action

(Check back as more UU Participating at COP 27 are added to this list)

UUSC Partners attending COP 27

Take Action

Mon 14 Nov 12 noon ET ACTION HOUR with UUSJ: A Climate Reality Check (RSVP HERE)
Advocating to Fully Fund the Green Climate Fund
and Pass the Environmental Justice for All Act

Climate-Forced Displacement Efforts 2022-2023 – UUA-Wide Collaboration

Many UU organizations collaborated on Climate-Forced Displacement as a common programming theme for 2022 / 2023  and released THIS Statement at UUA General Assembly in June 2022.

UUA Side with LOVE Workshop Series:

9/27/2022 – Assessing climate impacts and making connections – Recording Link Here
10/25/2022 – Mobilizing for action – Recording Link Here
11/15/2022 – Community Conversation  RSVP

Recordings and Supplementals

Recordings from many of the UU COP 27 Connections events posted below:

2 Nov 2022 UU COP 27 Connections VIDEO
2 Nov 2022 UU COP 27 Connection SLIDES
2 Nov 2022 UU COP 27 Connection CHAT LINKS & INFO
9 Nov 2022 Dash COP 27 Connection Part 1 VIDEO
9 Nov 2022 Dash COP 27 Connection Part 1 SLIDES
9 Nov 2022 Hartzell COP 27 Connection VIDEO Part 2
9 Nov 2022 Discussion Q&A COP 27 Connection VIDEO Part 3


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