The Condor & The Eagle

Upcoming Screenings

Friday, June 5th @ 3 pm PT / 4 MT / 5 CT / 6 ET
Co-hosted by:
University Unitarian – Seattle, WA
First UU – Richmond, VA


Thursday, June 18th @ 5:30 PT / 6:30 MT / 7:30 CT / 8:30 ET
Co-hosted by:
Billings Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, MT
Unitarian Universalist Church of Studio City, CA
University Unitarian Church, Seattle, WA


Sunday, June 28th @ 3 PT / 4 MT / 5 CT / 6 pm ET
Co-hosted by:
Side With Love (Unitarian Universalist Association)


About the Film

The Condor And The Eagle – Trailer from Clément Guerra on Vimeo.

SYNOPSIS: Indigenous environmental leaders embark on an extraordinary trans-continental adventure from the Boreal forest to deep into the heart of the Amazonian jungle to unite the peoples of North and South America and deepen the meaning of “Climate Justice”. The Condor & The Eagle documentary offers a glimpse into a developing spiritual renaissance as the film four protagonists learn from each other’s long legacy of resistance to colonialism and its extractive economy. Their path through the jungle takes them on an unexpectedly challenging and liberating journey, which will forever change their attachment to the Earth and one another.

The Condor & The Eagle premiered in October 2019 at the Woodstock Film Festival, was selected by 28 world-renowned film festivals and has won 8 awards including Best Environmental Documentary at the 2019 Red Nation Film Festival.

Host an Online Screening Event

UU Ministry for Earth is hosting an average of two screenings per month with an open invitation for congregations and other interested organizations to join as co-hosts and group participants.This would involve committing to promote the screening to your group’s member base, followers, and partners.

A follow-up discussion guide will be provided. If there is a climate justice front-line community, campaign, or organization that you are accountable to, a “split the plate” to support them is a possibility.

There is no screening fee for this opportunity — however a sliding scale donation of $10-50+ per participant (with no one turned away for lack of funds) is requested.

Once you can confirm which date you would like to sign up for, fill out this form to sign up your congregation/organization for one of these screenings:

This is what will be listed on the event registration page, so please write it out exactly as you would like it to be listed online!
If one of these listed times will work for your organization/context, please choose this option rather than requesting a unique screening date.
There will be a sliding scale suggested donation of $1-100 (avg. $25). All funds will be split between the filmmakers, UU Ministry for Earth, and partner frontline organizations