Game ON! Join the UU Drawdown Initiative 

The UU Drawdown Initiative with Elders Climate Action mobilizes UUs to collectively lower carbon footprints through a variety of advocacy and engagement that aligns with UU programs and strategies to Create Climate Justice and Project Drawdown / Drawdown Review.  “Game ON” refers to the Drawdown message that means “It’s Game ON, not game over” for the climate.

Action Presentations

Earn Drawdown Action Points by attending these action presentations, which are opportunities to learn about different solutions and take action with fellow participants. Find the complete schedule below.

Action Presentations


NEW Action Choices for  UU DD 2021 and Project Drawdown – Go To:


VIEW the LAUNCH Meeting Slides HERE

WHO – Unitarian Universalists (UU) as:
1. individuals
2. as members of Congregations
3. as a Congregation Facility with its own garden, composting program or energy efficiency efforts
4. As an Elders Climate Action (ECA) member
5. As an ECA member partnering with a Congregation or in a Vicinity
6. As anyone who wants to join in and build relationships with UUs and ECAs
7. Our Friends and Families

WHAT – The Drawdown EcoChallenge (found at
• Choose Actions you will take on a One-Time or Daily Basis that further the Solutions of Project Drawdown
• Some Actions are recommendations that strategically support both Drawdown AND building the UU Climate Justice Movement

WHEN – 20 March – 15 June 2021- 24/7
1. Physical Location: Where you live, work, organize and worship.
2. Virtual Website Locations:
Organization Name = UU DD 2021
Team Name = UU DD 2021
Password = UU

WHY – Be the Solution –
1. Grow the UU Climate Justice Movement – (numbers, depth & breath of understanding, stronger together)
2. Measurable Progress – Already Built into Drawdown Eco-Challenge
3. Choose Actions that are Customized to Support & Reinforce Common UU Programing & Campaigns AND Free Spirit UUs
4. Built-In Learning & Actions supporting the MOST Effective Solutions
5. Your stories and images become part of the UUA 2021 General Assembly Workshop: Drawing Communities Together for Climate Action & Justice
– JOIN Now (No need to wait)
– Follow Step-by-Step screenshots to JOIN and to Select your Actions.
– Participate as an Individual and/or Coordinate with your Congregation for wider participation (and / or Others, friends, and family
– Start collecting your stories about planning and participating, the photos and videos and quotes as you build your team and interact, and taking actions. These will contribute to a pre-recorded UUA 2021 General Assembly Workshop due15 Apr 2021: Drawing Communities Together for Climate Action & Justice

Read all about it at Guidance Document for UU DD 2021


UU DD 2021 LAUNCH – See the SLIDES from Wednesday, 31 March 2021 Full Launch for “UU DD 2021” = UUs, Elders Climate Action (ECA), Friends and Family collectively participating in the UU DD 2021 Challenge.  RSVP HERE for Zoom Link

The “Launch” is for ALL who want to learn more about joining in with  “UU DD 2021” Initiative.

Encourage your congregation members, and friends to RSVP HERE to stay informed and become part of this UU DD 2021 – Continent-Wide

Drawing Communities Together for Climate Action & Justice  The efforts to Create and Implement UU DD 2021 (including the images and videos you provide at a later date TBD) will fold into the UUA General Assembly 2021 Pre-Recorded Workshop called:  Drawing Communities Together for Climate Action & Justice.  So, Start collecting your congregation images and videos of action for a grand showing at the UUA 2021 General Assembly in June. 

Go To Links for UU DD 2021 Documents

LAUNCH Meeting Slides 

Read all about it – UU DD 2021 Guidance

StepByStep Screen Shots and how to JOIN UU DD 2021

Preview your action choices – UU DD 2021 Sortable Actions 

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