Posted March 8, 2022

Job Description

  1. Serve as a passionate advocate for the organization and our vision to live in a world in which reverence, gratitude, and care for each other and for the living Earth are central to the lives of all people
  2. Lead in one or more circles that support particular aspects of our mission, utilizing your passion and skills:


  • Communication and Social Media
  • Fundraising, stewardship, and donor relations
  • Congregational Engagement

Programs and Partnerships:

  • Program review, identifying opportunities
  • UU Young Adult Caucus
  • BIPOC Caucus
  • Collaboration with related orgs
  • General Assembly

Worship and curricula resource development

Organizational Planning and Administration:

  • Board Recruitment
  • Strategic Planning
  • HR
  • Volunteer recruitment and engagement
  1. Make a personal financial contribution to the organization and/or solicit financial support from individuals, congregations, and others.
  2. Desire to expand our UU Ministry for Earth values to individuals throughout the UU network (and beyond !):

We are grounded in faith and spirituality. We affirm and promote the seven principles of Unitarian Universalism as well as the proposed 8th principle of Unitarian Universalism, and we understand climate justice to be a moral imperative.

We are grounded in environmental justice. We affirm and promote the framework of race- and class-informed environmental justice and strive to center the leadership and needs of frontline communities.

We are grounded in partnership and collective action. We know that individual consumption choices are not enough; it is only through partnership and collective action that we can save our biosphere.


    • Interest in environmental justice with eagerness to consider justice and ministry for Earth from an anti-oppressive lens
    • Recognize climate change as an urgent threat demanding a moral response
    • Experience with environmental, faith-based, and/or justice organizing
    • Curiosity, flexibility, creativity
    • Self-starter with good humor
  • Dedicate 10 hours per month to the organization
  • Affirm the values of Unitarian Universalism

We are looking to develop a dynamic, multicultural, multigenerational counter-oppressive board and as such are particularly interested in recruiting People of Color, trans and gender-nonconforming people, young people, people with disabilities, people living in poverty and/or frontline communities.

Other requirements:

Attend monthly remote board meetings and maintain knowledge of current programs

Make good faith effort to attend at least one in-person gathering/year, which may include General Assembly, and/or strategic gathering

Board member terms are 2-years each, as defined by the by-laws.

To Apply:

Send cover email and resume to with the subject line “Application for UUMFE Board of Directors”

Contact Rev. Cindy Davidson or Betsy Tomic at