The Rev. Egbert Ethelred Brown (1875-1956), Unitarian Minister, and founder of the Harlem Community Church, once offered the following prayer.

“As we face a troubled and a puzzled world,

We too are troubled and puzzled.

As our fond dreams remain unrealized-

And our bright hopes of yesterday wither

In the bitter disappointments of today,

Our courage fails, our spirits droop,

Our faith trembles,

And, frustrated, we bow our heads

In despair.

Nevertheless, we come to God in this hour of worship, in this house of prayer.

As we pray for peace in our time,

O God,

May we be at peace with

The world,

with ourselves and

with Thee.

May we know that without love there

Will never be peace.

Teach us therefore to love.” *

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*From “Without Love” by Rev. Egbert Ethelred Brown in Been in the Storm So Long, edited by Rev. Dr. Mark Morrison-Reed and Jacqui James (Skinner House Books). Featured as reading #218 in Lifting Our Voices: Readings in the Living Tradition.