BEYOND COP 26: Takeaways from the UN Climate Summit

Video Recording and Resources LINK HERE for event held Wed., 17 Nov 2021

Unitarian Universalists  reviewed the COP26 UN Climate Summit in Glasgow. UUA-credentialed representatives shared about what they observed at the conference, where the world is now in the fight against climate change, and what is needed moving forward in order to create climate justice.

ACT NOW on U.S. CLIMATE FINANCE to DEVELOPING COUNTRIES  The U.S. has still (as of 14 Nov 2021) not finalized our 2021/22 Finance Commitments supporting the Paris Climate Agreement obligations to developing countries.  Tell your Senators and Congressional Representatives Today via UUSJ Action  Alert – Advocacy action to fund the US Fair Share of the Green Climate Fund (click on link to send letter now) that will specifically address Climate, with Justice and Equity at the forefront – this funds mitigation, adaptation and technology transfer for developing countries – our best option until a Loss & Damage mechanism is in place.

More Information and Resources:  Fair Share Contributions to the Green Climate Fund & Climate Finance are available on the next page of this post.

UU participation at COP 26

The COP26 summit brought parties (nations) together to accelerate action towards the goals of the Paris Agreement and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

The Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) is a non-governmental organization officially designated to send observers to meetings of the bodies of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

Unitarian Universalist Conference of Parties 26 (COP26) Advocacy Priorities:

COP 26 focused on Finance and locking in Greater Ambition for reduced global emissions.  Therefore, the UUA Advocacy Priorities includes financing, but also the advancement of human rights for those who are most affected by the climate crisis and unjust systems:

  1. Green Climate Fund – Developed countries must fulfil their financial commitments
  2. Loss & Damage – Create dedicated funding & Operationalize the Santiago Network
  3. Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) – Developed countries must update their NDCs with the ambition to achieve the Paris Agreement’s goal for staying below 1.5 ℃ of warming

Meet the Unitarian Universalist Association COP 26 Observers

The COP 26 Observers spoke out and furthered the UUA COP 26 priorities on the ground at COP 26, united with International Faith presence at COP 26 to advance these priorities, and kept these priorities at the forefront of discussion during internal meetings with the State Department, during press conferences, and other opportunities for elevating

Alicia Wallace – Director of Equality Bahamas– traveling from the Bahamas                Hear from Alicia          One Page Summary from Alicia

Doris Marlin – All Souls Church, DC & Board Member, UU Ministry for Earth – traveling from Washington DC      Hear from Doris

Daphne Wysham – Chief Executive Officer of Methane Action – traveling from the State of Washington      Hear from Daphne

Pierre Candelon – Loss & Damage Collaborative & Climate Action Network-International – traveling from Paris, France      Hear from Pierre

Rev. Peggy Clarke – Senior Minister, Community Church of New York City – traveling from New York, NY     Hear from Peggy

Joshua Cooper – Hawaii Institute for Human Rights – travelling from Hawaii
Hear from Joshua


Meet other UUs at COP 26

Joanna Holbrook – Native of Scotland, born Unitarian Universalist  Hear from Joanna

Caitlin Waddick – Member, UU Society of Burlington, Vermont   Hear from Caitlin

Read “Earth Negotiations Bulletin”

Earth Negotiations Bulletin (ENB) is a balanced, timely, and independent reporting service on United Nations environment and development negotiations. To review the COP, see Earth Negotiations Bulletin.

COP 26 OUTCOME Summary Reports

Recap of COP26: Key Outcomes and What Comes Next from the Environment & Energy Studies Institute (EESI)   VIDEO LINK HERE

What were the Goals for the Conference of Parties at the opening of COP26?  

The United Kingdom is the host country for this year’s Conference of Parties. According to their official briefing document– there are four core goals:

Secure global net zero by mid-century and keep 1.5 Degrees within reach. Countries are being asked to come forward with ambitious 2030 emissions reductions targets (NDCs) that align with reaching net zero by the middle of the century. To deliver on these stretching targets, countries will need to accelerate the phase[1]out of coal, encourage investment in renewables, curtail deforestation and speed up the switch to electric vehicles.

Adapt to protect communities and natural habitats. The climate is already changing, and it will continue to change even as we reduce emissions, with devastating effects. At COP26 we need to work together to enable and encourage countries affected by climate change to protect and restore ecosystems, build defenses, put warning systems in place and make infrastructure and agriculture more resilient to avoid loss of homes, livelihoods and lives

Mobilize finance. To realize our first two goals, developed countries must deliver on their promise to raise at least $100bn in climate finance per year. International financial institutions must play their part and we need to work towards unleashing the trillions in private and public sector finance required to secure global net zero

Work together to deliver. We can only rise to the challenges of climate change by working together. At COP26 parties worked finalize the Paris Rulebook (the rules needed to implement the Paris Agreement). And, worked to turn ambitions into action by accelerating collaboration between governments, businesses and civil society to deliver on our climate goals faster.

For further information, read the following overview highlighting various national and non-governmental organizations positions via the Summary of Party Statements.

UN Day Forum: Taking Action on Climate Change

Hosted by DC Metro Area UU Congregations and the United Nations Association of the National Capital Area
Video will be posted when Available – Held Sunday, October 24, 2021

This program provides an update on the preparations of the Biden Administration for COP26, the UN Climate Change Conference taking place in Glasgow in November, and, importantly, the role of civil society in achieving the targets of the Paris Agreement.  Recognizing the inequitable impact of climate change on poor and minority communities, the program will explore ways in which faith-based organizations and individuals can work together to meet the ambitious climate goals equitably and promote environmental justice.  SPONSORED BY Six Local UU Congregations / Organizations

Speakers included:
Keynote by Tim Lattimer, Senior Climate Advisor at the U.S. Department of State, UU Columbia MD

Nate Hultman, Founder and Director of the University of Maryland Center for Global Sustainability on detail to Envoy John Kerry’s office at U.S. Department of State, will moderate a panel of activists, including:
William Barber III, Founder, Rural Beacon Initiative

Aly Tharp, Co-Director, Programs and Projects, Unitarian Universalist Ministry for Earth
Salote Soqo, Senior Partnership Officer, Climate Justice and Crisis Response Unitarian Universalist Service Committee

Doris Marlin, Unitarian Universalist Ministry for Earth & Green Sanctuary Program; Strengthen Local Climate Commitments (SLCC) Campaign Coordinator, Member, All Souls Church UU, Washington DC

Taking Action for Global Impact – Strengthen Local Climate Commitments (SLCC)

Wednesday, Dec 1, 2021 – Join the Next SLCC National Collaboration Call
TOPIC:  The importance of Local and State Climate Action given the less than optimal enactment of Bold and Robust Federal policy RSVP HERE to join the zoom Call.
8pm Eastern – 7pm Central – 6pm Mountain – 5pm Pacific

Taking Action for Global Impact – video below
SLCC National Collaboration Call Held October 6, 2021 – About SLCC

How UUs can take local action that accelerates the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement.
Learn about the recent IPCC Report

CHAT & RESOURCES – Summary Document 


You are encouraged to do your own research, and these additional information sources are offered:

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