UUs and members of Elders Climate Action have been busy with the UU Project Drawdown Initiative 2021. As Unitarian Universalists, we know there are many paths to truth.  Similarly, there are many paths to climate action. The UU DD initiative offers a clear path towards climate justice rooted in science-based, and solutions-oriented actions, mobilizing teams or individuals to do their part for collective action. Take one action – take twenty, and witness how your everyday actions make a big impact. This initiative is all about living out UU principles, and seeing the interdependent web of existence of which we are all a part.

Hear from some participants about why they are engaging with UU DD:

  • “This earth, our home is calling us to be bold.  Reminding us that we are all in this together; women, men, people of all gender identities, all beings.  We are a life force: one Earth, one chance; let’s seize it.” – Barb, Auburn, CA
  • “I’m doing UU DD 2021 so that people get excited; I want us to have an inhabitable world for humanity.” – Iggy, Youngstown, OH
  • “Through UU DD 2021, we can participate in ways we haven’t even thought of yet.” – Dick, Columbus, IN
  • “I want to apply the lessons of Project Drawdown priorities to our UU work.” – Bill, Seattle, WA
  • “I want to act on solutions as a UU community, with ECA, with friends and family, with the potential for powerful collective action.” – Sheila, Berkley, CA

Here is a snapshot of some of what 132 individuals from 23 states have accomplished so far — and the collective action will only grow! You can SIGN UP and take part in the challenge at any time until June, when the collective efforts will be compiled in a video to be shared and celebrated at UUA General Assembly.

  • 430 pounds of CO2 have been saved
  • 16 public officials or leaders contacted
  • 3 documentaries watched
  • 144 meatless or vegan meals consumed
  • 3,851 minutes spent exercising
  • 2,348 minutes spent outdoors

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