This year’s Intergenerational Spring Seminar 2021, with over 200 participants, was a wonderful and empowering weekend of worship, learning, and action all around the connections between climate justice and food justice. This year’s theme was  “All In For Climate Justice: Food Equity and Sustainability” where workshops were designed to ground, connect, and equip participants to take action toward achieving climate justice through more equitable and sustainable food systems. This weekend focused on uplifting the voices and experiences of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC), as well as youth. Keynote speaker Soul Fire Farm did a phenomenal job of utilizing storytelling to weave the history and structural realities of racial injustice in the food system, with movement strategies past and present of frontline communities mobilizing for food and land sovereignty. These themes were carried throughout the seminar to leave participants feeling informed and inspired.

Here are a few follow-up resources to continue learning and take action, whether or not you attended the seminar! 


Full Resource Guide

Find a list of organizations to support, ways to plug in to UU justice work, articles, books and films, and more.

Full Resource Guide

Theme Panel: Ensure Food Security in a World of Changing Climate

Presenters: Hawa Diallo, Charles McNeill, Aly Tharp, Caroline Wimberly, Moderator Steve Chiu

Theme Panel Recording

Keynote Address: Soul Fire Farm 

Learn more on their WEBSITE, and take action with their ACTION GUIDE.

Workshop: “Race, Colonization, and Climate: Community-Building Through Identity-Based Caucusing” 
BIPOC Caucus Facilitators: Paula Cole Jones, Rashid Shaikh
White Caucus Facilitators: Stevie Carmody, Aly Tharp

Workshop: “All Are Called: Frameworks for Engaged Justice” 

Presenters: Ranwa Hammamy, UU Justice Ministry of California and Katia Hansen, UU Rise

Workshop: “From Passion to Action: Effective Community Engagement”
Presenters: Dr. Karambu Ringera, Joey Kyle, Aly Tharp

Workshop: “Rooted in Action: Reaching Toward Justice” 
Presenters: Stevie Carmody, Amelia Diehl, Angela Kelly, Noella Prescod

Calls to Action

Links to Take Action at the Collective Action Movement website (focused on Canadian Parliament)

Support the Demanding Dignity for Farmworkers Week of Action endorsed by UUA, UUSC, UU Women’s Federation, local congregations and dozens of groups listed at the links below!

Support BIPOC-led farming organizations: