Write Letters to Steve Martinez and all NoDAPL Political Prisoners

Join UUMFE, UUA, UU Service Committee and Love Resists for a letter writing campaign to show solidarity with Steve Martinez, a NoDAPL political prisoner who has been recently incarcerated after refusing to face a grand jury for a second time. Steve, an Indigenous water protector, was first subpoenaed to a federal grand jury in 2017 for his participation in the NoDAPL resistance movement and refused to comply then as now. This recent targeting came as a disconcerting surprise to many who have been supporting water protector political prisoners for the past four years. 

Join a letter writing gathering this Friday, March 12 at 4pm PT/7pm ET to hear from Water Protectors and UU organizers about Steve’s current legal situation, and write your own letter to Steve and other NoDAPL political prisoners. RSVP Here.

Writing personal letters is an important way to build direct relationships and solidarity. Rev. Karen Van Fossan, an organizer of the UU Water Protector Political Prisoner support ministry adds: “If you are wondering what to write, you can tell Steve you honor and pray for him — and share a little about your day, the weather in your area, or other simple topics.”

Another way to support is to DONATE to Steve Martinez’s GoFundMe.

Write to Steve

Please be sure to use plain white paper and black ink.

Steve Antonio Martinez
PO Box 2499
Bismarck, ND 58502
This is an administrative account for UU Ministry for Earth (UUMFE).