UUMFE signed on as a partner of Stop the Money Pipeline (STMP), a coalition of over 130 organizations targeting Wall Street’s financing of the climate crisis. STMP’s primary targets are JP Morgan Chase bank, insurance giant Liberty Mutual and asset manager BlackRock for their massive investments in fossil fuel expansion; the coalition also mobilizes to divest pension funds and university endowments. Building off of decades of successful fossil fuel divestment work, STMP recognizes that for these institutions to attempt to profit off of fossil fuels is not only morally wrong, but also an ineffective investment. Fossil fuel projects rely on securing bank loans and insurance to move forward: if STMP can stop the flow of money, STMP can stop the flow of oil.

There are many ways for UUs to get involved in STMP’s work, from a range of creative tactics, direct action and online mobilization. While STMP’s focus is on targeting the institutions themselves, individuals and smaller institutions are still encouraged to move their money as well. Check out STMP’s resources to move your money and more information below.