TAKE ACTION: Protect the Right to Resist Fossil Fuels in Minnesota!

Legislation introduced in the Minnesota State Legislature attacks First Amendment rights, including the right to protest fossil fuel infrastructure – can you take five minutes to urge Minnesota state officials to stop this bill? With water protectors on the ground right now fighting the Line 3 tar sands pipeline, protecting the right to resist is crucial to democracy!

SF386/HF254—the Felony Free Speech bill—is fundamentally anti-democratic and impedes constitutional rights. Water protectors already face state-sanctioned violence and persecution – and if passed, this bill would cause longterm detriment to the climate justice movement. This legislation would criminalize trespass on “critical infrastructure,” including crude oil pipelines, airports, and utilities, making it a gross misdemeanor punishable by one year in jail and a $3,000 fine. Trespass with the intent to disrupt the pipeline’s operation would become a felony, with the added sanction that guilty parties could be ordered to pay for “the costs and expenses resulting from the crime.  

Whether or not you live in Minnesota, UUs are called to act in solidarity with frontline water protectors!


Amelia Diehl
Amelia Diehl
Amelia Diehl is the Network Coordinator for the UU Young Adults for Climate Justice Network, and a Communications Specialist for UU Ministry for Earth. She's been with UUMFE since 2015 and is based in Chicago and the Great Lakes region. Her other movement homes include Rising Tide Chicago, SustainUS and freelance writing.