Graphic courtesy We Are Still In.

December 12 marks the five-year anniversary of the world coming together to sign on to the Paris Agreement and the UUA and UUMFE are marking the moment by committing to a national mobilization for a clean energy economy and centering their own operations in pursuit of climate action. In doing so, UUA and UUMFE joined over a thousand leaders from local governments, businesses, universities, and other institutions across the country as part of the “America Is All In” joint statement. 

Starting at 9am ET on December 12, the United Nations, United Kingdom and France will be co-hosting the Climate Ambition Summit. Join the livestream to hear from leaders across government, business and civil society who are ready to make new commitments to tackle climate change and deliver on the Paris Agreement, five years since it was adopted on December 12, 2015.

For Unitarian Universalists, the Strengthening Local Climate Commitments campaign mobilizes UUs across North America to align local and state leaders with bold climate action plans, including the Paris Climate Agreement. Learn more about this campaign and get involved

Earlier this week, over 550 groups, including UUA and Ministry for Earth, signed on to the Climate President Action Plan, representing the mass mobilization already underway to pressure the Biden Administration on day one. This 5-year anniversary America Is All In statement affirms, though, that UUs and other leaders on the state, city and grassroots level will continue taking action for climate justice regardless of what’s happening in the White House.