Ground in Intergenerational Wisdom and Dialogue

Art by Molly Costello. Used with permission.

As UUs mobilize for this important decade of climate action, grounding in intergenerational wisdom is a powerful tool. UU lay and professional leaders and social/eco justice activists are invited to participate in intergenerational dialogue to share wisdom, stories, memories and lessons of social movements past and present. The first session will take place on Friday, November 20 at 12pm-1:30pm PT/3-4:30pm ET as part of the Harvest the Power Convergence & Teach-In. (SIGN UP BELOW). Please note these updates times; this event has been rescheduled for an hour later so as not to conflict with the Trans Day of Remembrance Service. 

Each session will convene as a space to process and respond to evolving political situations through story, and practice community care. This first session will invite stories from electoral mobilizations, and ground participants in deep reflection for the work ahead. Can’t make this one? Future sessions will be announced for January and March 2021. Sign up in the form below to get involved, and please spread the word.

These spaces are intended to cultivate deeper understanding and relationship among and between generations. Youth in the climate justice movement are justified in their rage and grief at older generations, just as we all may feel remorse and fear for future generations not yet with us. To participate in any justice work is to enter into some kind of dialogue with past and future generations: younger generations and elders learn from each other; collective liberation, though not a singular destination, may not be realized in any of our lifetimes, yet actions taken today are as future ancestors. May these dialogues help create clarity to find ourselves in the long path towards collective liberation.

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We will be placing folks in generational circles based on their age, in additional to the intergenerational circles.


Amelia Diehl
Amelia Diehl
Amelia Diehl is the Network Coordinator for the UU Young Adults for Climate Justice Network, and a Communications Specialist for UU Ministry for Earth. She's been with UUMFE since 2015 and is based in Chicago and the Great Lakes region. Her other movement homes include Rising Tide Chicago, SustainUS and freelance writing.