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On October 1st, Harvest Moon rose shortly after sunset in the Northern Hemisphere. This burst of evening light provides an extended time for farmers to harvest summer crops and plant new seeds for the Fall season.

What and how have you grown this summer — personally, in connection to your community, and in connection to movement uprisings for justice?

Unitarian Universalists are invited to mark this seasonal transition by reflecting on this question in the Harvest moonlight, and setting intentions to Harvest the Power of community this Fall through a sprint of collective action and faith formation weaving together all Unitarian Universalist justice ministries. This is a shared endeavor between UU Ministry for Earth, UUA, Side with Love, UU the Vote, UUSC, and UU College of Social Justice.

  • October 21-27 Week of Action with UU the Vote
  • November 4-18 Post-election Virtual Spaces for Community Care & Formation
  • November 19-22 Virtual Justice Convergence & Decolonization Teach-In
  • November 26 Plymouth Day of Mourning 50th Anniversary Virtual Observance (hosted on Side with Love and UUA FB page)

Ahead of these events, ground yourself in our theological grounding around decarceration, decriminalization, and democracy.

Spiritual and Theological Grounding

Educational Background

  • Here it Began: 2020 Hindsight or ForesightIndigenous History Conference (Oct. 3-Nov. 22, 2020) – is a signature Plymouth 400 event, is an Indigenous History Conference to inspire educators to learn about creation histories and traditional life; colonization and its aftermath; and the continued resilience and life of New England Natives today.The virtual event, sponsored by Bridgewater State University, Plymouth 400 and the Wampanoag Advisory Council, is free of charge and offers nine weekend sessions during the months of October and November that will feature well-known experts and testimonials.
  • Doctrine of Discovery: The Doctrine of Discovery is built into U.S. government, laws, dominant culture, and the way we think about problems that face our nation and world. It is a frame that hides in plain sight, and its devastating effects continue to this day. The 2012 UUA General Assembly passed a resolution repudiating the doctrine and calling for the full implementation of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP).

Opportunities for Action

  • Petition calling on the Bureau of Prisons to address the public health crisis in federal prisons and decarcerate Indigenous Water Protector Rattler and other prisoners who have minimal time remaining on their sentences