This call provided updates from UU organizations working at the national or denominational level for climate justice. Call notes and links referred to often in the meeting can be found here:
This call was facilitated by Aly Tharp (UU Ministry for Earth) and includes messages from Rev. Ashley Horan & Susan Leslie (UUA Organizing Strategy Team, UU the Vote), Rev. Dr. Clyde Grubbs & Ann Gilmore (UUA President’s Plymouth 400th Remembrance Council), Rev. Karen Van Fossan (Water Protector Prisoner Support Network), Rev. Karen Brammer (UUA Green Sanctuary Program), Pamela Sparr (re: UUA divestment/reinvestment), David Shilton (UUs for Social Justice – US Capitol), Nadine Kadell Sapirman (Citizen’s Climate Lobby UU Action Team), Doris Marlin (Strengthen Local Climate Commitments camaign organizer), Amelia Diehl (UU Young Adults for Climate Justice), Terry Lowman and Sally Gellert (UUs for Just Economic Community).