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The following is a message from the UUA Green Sanctuary Program Manager & Advisory Board:

As our society and world shift eventually from crisis response to rebuilding from the COVID 19 Pandemic, we will have opportunities to build and strengthen ways of being in community that are more sustainable and just.

The UUA Green Sanctuary Program Advisory Board and staff are revamping the Green Sanctuary Program to step up to the urgent need for climate response. We would like every congregation to set and be accountable for their congregational and household greenhouse gas emissions. We would like every congregation to work towards partnering with frontline communities for climate justice. We recognize how essential it is that every congregation build spiritual and physical resilience to climate change.

Congregations already on this path can share their successes and resources/guidance through We hope you do so. Building on all we have collectively learned since the first Earth Day we know we have tremendous skill and energy to bring to the next level of work and beautiful community-building.

Green Sanctuary is looking for congregational leaders able and willing to help test the upcoming “Climate Urgency” Green Sanctuary program track and resources. Sign up here if you think your congregation might want to help test the program or use the program when it is ready.

Thank you for all the ways you and your congregation continue to work for a sustainable and just society and world.

For more information contact Rev. Karen Brammer, UUA Green Sanctuary Program Manager, at  kbrammer[at]uua[dot]org.