UUMFE’s prayers and thoughts go out to all as we collectively encounter the COVID-19 pandemic. Wherever you are, we are with you in action and spirit as you strive to defend the health and wellbeing of the communities in which you and your loved ones live, work and worship. We are reminded, once again, of the truth, fragility, and resilience of our interconnected web of existence.

At this time when we are urged to disconnect ourselves by “social distancing” in order to stop the rapid spread of the coronavirus, I am especially grateful to be virtually connected across the miles to many of you in the UUMFE community. Our shared work of creating climate and environmental justice can in-and-of-itself be a steadying force. Even when our attention has been diverted to more urgent and immediate disruptions or chaos, we will always be returning, much like the meditator returning to the breath, to this work.

BoardSearchUUMFE is at a critical point organizationally and needs your help! Our resiliency and sustainability are serious challenges. The Board, in particular, requires an infusion of fresh blood and inspiration. We are lacking in number and diversity and seek a new treasurer as well as enthusiastic folks who will help us grow our collective UU organizing capacity. And, folks who will help us develop more robust relations with UU congregations, ministers, and religious professionals. Could one of those folks be you or someone you know?

I can tell you we pride ourselves on being a nimble and responsive Board and are looking to more fully develop into a dynamic, multicultural, multigenerational counter-oppressive Board. We are geographically dispersed, ZOOM-friendly, and committed to using forward-looking, dynamic governance practices. Qualities like curiosity, flexibility, and creativity are valued, and we welcome self-starters with good humor! Interested? Learn more from our online UUMFE Board position description.

Life is calling us forward incessantly into The Work of honoring the Earth and moving in the world – intentionally, creatively, collaboratively – to create climate and environmental justice. Won’t you join us on this path? We’d love to connect!

With joyous resolve,
Rev. Cindy Davidson, Board Chair, UUMFE