Dear friend,

The common phrase “hindsight is 20/20” keeps playing in my head as we head into the year 2020 in just a couple short days.

What can we look back on and learn from as we begin this new decade? What can we put behind us for good in 2020, as we seek to end the extractive era, survive an existential climate crisis, and transform into a regenerative and ecological civilization?

Is your UU community ready to move boldly for climate justice, or are they stuck in some way?

Where do you feel clarity and resolution for your path forward?

What we do — or don’t do — to address the climate crisis in the next ten years will have ripple effects for thousands of years to come, for all life on Earth.

UU Ministry for Earth wants to hear from you and be informed by community input as we transition into this new, critically important decade together. Please fill out this brief form below and consider making an end of year donation to support this important ministry.

Our Unitarian Universalist faith calls us to rise together with great intention, in great numbers — for Justice. Equity. Peace. LIFE.

May it be so.


Please spell it out
How do you personally need spiritual and community support to enrich and sustain your Earth ministries? What kind of support do you think your UU community/congregation (or other UU organization) needs at this time to act boldly, with faith-grounding, for climate justice? Where do you want to deepen your learning, your relationships, &/or your actions?
Supporting resources will be provided.