Climate change is an economic justice issue with intersectional dimensions of race, ethnicity, and class running throughout. Read more about the conference in the October issue of UU World.

In September 2019, UU Ministry for Earth,  UUs for a Just Economic CommunityUUs for Social Justice, the UU Service Committee, the UUA, and All Souls Church in Washington, D.C. hosted an advocacy and action conference on advancing Economic and Climate Justice as a moral issue & building a movement for a Green New Deal.

Lily Hartzell, UU World

UU young adult journalist Lily Hartzell shares her experience attending a Climate Justice conference in Washington, DC. in a new UU World article:

I left the Hill, and the conference, with a new perception of an issue I thought I understood. Climate change is not just about the earth, it’s about our moral imperative to include everyone in prosperity.

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