Advancing Economic and Climate Justice as a Moral Issue, Building a Movement for a

“Green New Deal”

Sunday, September 15-Tuesday 17, 2019

Washington, DC

Advocacy Conference on Environmental Justice, Class and Race
by UUs for Just Economic Community, UU Ministry for Earth, UUs for Social Justice, 
All Souls Church, Unitarian, UU Service Committee, UUA and Side with Love

The Green New Deal has spurred debate on the need for bold actions that make big differences. Carbon pricing is being debated. And 156 million Americans have pledged to keep the Paris Climate Agreement Commitments. Communities of color wonder why they often pay the costs first, and deepest, but rarely get to voice their concerns or benefit from rebuilds and resilience planning. Learn how to influence elected officials, organization actions and how to take needed urgent action.

  • How can we as UUs be in solidarity and fellowship on these issues? We discussed how climate change is an economic justice issue with intersectional dimensions of race, ethnicity, and class running throughout.
  • How do UU values inform our justice work? We discussed how to use values to frame advocacy to make the best moral case for change.
  • How can we advocate most effectively with our elected representatives? We learned how to advocate and then go to your Senator’s offices for needed conversations.  We can take this knowledge home and work locally on issues of national and global import.