Dear friend,

We need your support. Please consider this invitation to become a Friend of INITC — the InterNātional Initiative for Transformative Collaboration.

Emerging from partnerships formed at the Oceti Sakowin Camp at Standing Rock in 2016, Unitarian Universalists accepted the invitation to be friends, relatives, and collaborators with Indigenous elders and leaders through INITC and the INITC project “Stories and Songs of the People”. This is a long-term, committed relationship.

Together we hosted a large convergence: An InterNātional Grass Roots Gathering: ‘For the Generations to Come’

This event was held in the Sacred Black Hills (Paha Sapa) of South Dakota August 22nd – 25th, 2019. Our call is to all Cultural Knowledge Bearers and Keepers, Elders, Water Protectors, Youth Councils, Faith Keepers, Well-being/Wellness Practitioners, Healers, Environmental Science Practitioners, Environmental Law Practitioners, Scholars, Treaty Scholars, Performing and Visual Artists, Film Makers and Presenters.

This is also an urgent request for your financial help to make this gathering possible.

Example t-shirt design

Estimated total expenses for this gathering are close to $47K. To cover these expenses, we are calling on those who can to please donate $50 or more, to become an event sponsor and “Friend of INITC”. In return, we will mail you a limited edition, organic cotton, non-toxic “Stories and Songs of the People” event t-shirt, as well as a copy of the recordings from the event’s performances and presentations. With these recordings, we will also be making a documentary feature that your donationwill help make possible!

This Gathering is a continuation of a journey that was brought by the historic events at Oceti Sakowin Camp, Standing Rock, 2016-17.

As with Oceti Sakowin Camp, everyone who attended the August Gathering had the benefit of shelter, food, emotional and spiritual care, according to their needs. Many of those who are most important to the success of this gathering, such as Native Elders, activists, and youth, require the most assistance to travel to the camp in order to participate. It is essential to enable participation by those who are not financially privileged.

Help make this possible by becoming an event sponsor and “Friend of INITC” today. Any amount donated will be a great help to this endeavor.

If you would like to learn more about the history and intention of INITC and what your donations will support, please download and read this PDF document.

In deep gratitude, relationship, and solidarity,

Rev. Karen Brammer & Aly Tharp, members of the UU Council of INITC