Sunday, April 22 is Earth Day, and it’s a great time to ask your congregation to donate to UU Ministry for Earth. Please help grow and sustain the UU Ministry for Earth by taking a “Share the Plate” donation for us in your congregation on Earth Sunday (or an appropriate worship service during the Spring for Change Season of Sacred Activism).

Unitarian Universalist Ministry for Earth (UUMFE) was founded 30 years ago to inspire, facilitate, and support the Unitarian Universalist denomination, its congregations, and individuals in honoring and sustaining the Earth and all its beings. As we look ahead to the next 30 years and our professed responsibility of averting a looming global climate crisis, UUMFE vigorously renews its mission to foster and support bold, accountable faith-grounded action in the service of ecological justice.

This is why we are leading the way, and partnering with the UUA and UU organizations around the continent, to put out a clarion call to come together and Create Climate Justice.

How to take a Share the Plate

UUMFE is an independent 501c3 non-profit organization that is sustained solely by donations from individuals and congregations, and grants for targeted projects. Our work is accomplished with a small, part-time staff and an active volunteer board. UUMFE needs a larger sustaining funding base in order to grow as an organization and better support the UU faith in responding to this climate crisis on the scale required. A one-time or annual special collection or budgeted donation from your congregation would be hugely helpful.

Spring for Change Donor Appeal from our Board

Your financial assistance is needed to fund:

  • Our online portal Create Climate, designed in cooperation with the UUA Green Sanctuary and UU United Nations Office connects activists in and across congregations and other groups to take bold accountable action.
  • Our UU Young Adults for Climate Justice inspires commitment and sends representatives to UU regional gatherings near you throughout the year with these messages and tools.
  • Our new UU People of Color Caucus helps ground our work and design the most impactful programs.
  • Our participation in the InterNational Initiative for Transformative Collaboration (INITC) and ongoing relationships with Native American Water Protectors allow us to learn from indigenous leaders and pass along grounding and commitment for the long haul.
Spring for Change Worship Resources