The U.S. is now the number one producer of oil and natural gas in the world, and Keystone XL is the linchpin of Trump’s pro-fossil fuel agenda that’s harming communities and destroying the climate.

It’s time to skill up, expand, and deepen our ability to fight Big Oil at every level. Over 20,000 people like you have already joined this historic call to action through the Promise to Protect – a commitment to take peaceful action along the pipeline route – and now we’re calling on you to join a training so we can be prepared to resist.

This Tour will be a historic moment for Indigenous communities and their allies to come together in the fight for climate justice. Training will take place along the pipeline route and in nine cities across the country, preparing thousands of activists to be good relatives and stand up against this project.

Sign-up for the Promise to Protect Training Tour this spring to get ready now for future action against Keystone XL. At the training, you’ll learn about nonviolent direct action and support roles, protocols for mobilizing in Lakota territory, and how to apply these lessons to local campaigns, which we’ll need in order to create a nationwide wave of resistance against fossil fuel development in our communities.

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