Throughout the month of February, the United States House Committees on Natural Resources; Science, Space, & Technology; and Energy & Commerce held numerous special hearings related to climate change. Doris Marlin, a member of All Souls Church Unitarian in Washington D.C. and the Green Sanctuary Program Advisory Board, attended many of these hearings and offers this report of what she heard and witnessed.

“What is the goal? Where is this hearing going?” Ranking Member Robert William Bishop (Utah) asked the organizer and Chairman Raúl Manuel Grijalva (Arizona) of the Natural Resources Committee during his opening remarks for “Climate Change: Impacts and the Need to Act.”

House Representatives stated they were looking for solutions that mattered for the people. Most, but not all members understand that the majority of U.S. registered voters believe global warming is happening, that it is mostly caused by human activity and, CO2 should be regulated as a pollutant (Yale Climate Opinion Maps 2018).

The question is, will the House hearings provide an adequate education for Representatives to wisely respond to the growing demand for quick and meaningful actions within the greenhouse gas emitting sectors of the economy? Fortunately, insight is being shared to House members by a diverse body of witnesses and experts

  • “Climate Change IS my future unless you do something about it.” Nadia Nazar, Co-Founder, Associate Director, and Art Director, Zero Hour Movement, Co-organizer of the Youth Climate March, age 16.
  • Deb Haglaad (New Mexico), Vice Chair, Natural Resources Committee expressed great pain and apologies to the youth of the world who go to bed every night wondering what will happen to their communities because of climate change.
  • “Water is the ultimate scarcity, you can’t make anymore. All the water we have is already here, you can’t get one drop more.” Ms. Paula DiPerna Special Advisor, Carbon Disclosure Project CDP North America.
  • “It’s with local support that policies succeed. Don’t roll back the environmental safeguards that help us reduce greenhouse gases.”  Roy Cooper, Governor, North Carolina.
  • “Any mother who has buried a child lost to asthma would trade pennies saved on an energy bill for healthier breathable air for her child. Marginalized communities do care about energy justice and health.” Rev. Lennox Yearwood, Jr. President, Hip Hop Caucus, Member of the Advisory Board of The Climate Mobilization, Think 100%,

Our representatives can redirect their powerful influence and stay laser-focused on the just transition to renewable energy, already embraced by the rest of the world. Stop the misinformation campaigns and slander of current initiatives. If committee members don’t know what the hearing goals should be, contact them and let them know. When our representatives listen and take bold action, the goals will be within reach.

House Committee on Natural Resources