The Zero Hour youth climate movement launched its nationwide #JoinJuliana campaign to help thousands of young people add their names in support of the Young People’s amicus (“friend of the court”) brief it will file in support of the 21 Juliana v. United States youth plaintiffs. The brief will be filed by PowerShift Network, the parent organization of Zero Hour, with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals on March 1, 2019, demanding that the Court allow the voices of the Juliana plaintiffs be heard at trial.

To help us spread the word about this groundbreaking campaign, watch the compelling video of the Juliana plaintiffs calling on young Americans to join them in their stand for climate rights, and then share it on Facebook, retweet it on Twitter, and/or repost it on Instagram.

If a young person in your life would like to #JoinJuliana and add their name in support of the Juliana plaintiffs, have them them visit

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