UU Ministry for Earth’s Program Director, Aly Tharp, recently gave a TEDx Talk at her alma mater, Austin College, speaking of the importance of creating social transformation to avert climate chaos. Aly shares her own story of discovering her passion for using art and community action to inspire social change towards climate and environmental justice. Check it out:

Aly talks about the need for a social and philosophical paradigm shift, and the power of art and community action to help us get there.

Art has the ability to help us heal and communicate on deep levels, and community action is extremely uplifting and powerful. In community, we can express our knowledge of the sacredness of earth and humanity. In community, we are empowered to let go of the idea of earth as a commodity and dumping ground.

We have the ability and opportunity to create a world community that is just and sustainable, or we can unleash climate chaos and extreme injustice by continuing with “business as usual”… choose one.