What a tumultuous year it has been for those of us who focus on climate justice! And for those most impacted on the frontlines of climate change. As each day passes, I am filled with an even greater sense of urgency. We are engaged in a sacred struggle, in extraordinary times.

Climate justice can be a powerful force when heartfelt, local groups grow and join together to work for a just and sustainable future for Earth. We have a bold vision and big aspirations:

To empower UUs everywhere to take bold, accountable, faith-grounded action
for environmental justice, for climate justice, for the flourishing of all life.

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We aim to raise $40,000 from individual donors. Thirteen current and former Board members have contributed the first $20,000 in matching funds – we will match your gift as a way of encouraging you and your friends to join us in growing our capacity to serve you, connect you and highlight your successes.

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