Earth’s climate is changing faster than at any point in modern history and human beings are the primary cause. On November 24, thirteen federal agencies published the Fourth National Climate Assesment. The report stresses the ways climate change already being experienced and the ways these occurrences will intensify, reminding us that the severity of future impacts will depend on the actions we are willing to take today. These actions will need to be taken by each of us, by corporations, by state and local governments, and by countries worldwide.

The effects of climate change will be (and are being) felt by each of us today. Even more critical is the evidence of what our climate will do to future generations, our children and our children’s children. As is often the case, the impact of climate change will be felt disproportionally by those among us that are marginalized.

Climate Report by Region (all regions are available in complete report)

Northeast – Milder winters and earlier springs are adversely impacting agriculture, tourism, and forestry.

Southeast – Infrastructure and human health are at risk.

Midwest РIncrease in precipitation and extreme temperature changes will decrease agricultural productivity.

Northwest -Distinct effect on natural resources.

Southwest – Declining water resources.

Each of us can take the steps that will help bring about the changes that are necessary. We can reduce our personal use of fossil fuels but more importantly, we can come together and form a strong grassroots coalitions to demand our communities and government take action