This March, Greenpeace will gather together with over 125 activists from around the country to hold their 8th annual Greenpeace Action Camp.

Greenpeace is dedicated to using the Action Camp to continue to build pockets of beautiful resistance, in spite of the outrageous injustices being perpetrated against our communities and the environment. The primary skill tracks offered at camp are the Activists’ ABCs:

  • Arts and Creative Resistance: Participants in this track will learn the essential skills to make and use banners, silk screens, props, posters, graphics, puppets and a variety of other tools to produce effective high-quality images for use in direct action, street theater, marches, protests, etc.
  • Blockades: Participants in this track will learn essential skills for occupying space using technical tools and their own bodies with a focus on developing skills that will be useful in their broader activist communities.
  • Climbing: Participants in the climbing track will cover techniques, equipment, and procedures used by Greenpeace climbers globally. Rope access principles, mechanical devices, and other climbing methods will be introduced. The concepts shared can be adopted by all those who integrate climbing, protest, and resistance.

The camp will be held in the Tampa, Florida, area March 21-25, 2019.
The deadline for applications is January 7th

While the camp is free and all food, lodging, and training are provided at no cost, you will be responsible for your own travel costs. Limited travel stipends will be available for people who need support in order to attend camp. Please make sure you indicate on this application if you would like us to consider you for a travel stipend.

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