I am distressed and motivated to work even harder for climate justice after seeing the devastation and displacement from the California wildfires and reading the recent climate reports from the United Nations and our US government agencies.  I know that many thousands of Unitarian Universalists share the same determination to connect for the support of just and inclusive responses to the climate crisis. The UU Ministry for Earth connects and is recruiting UUs across the country who are responding to the crisis.

Can you donate today to help UUMFE projects aligned with and supporting those most impacted by the climate crisis:

  • Our online portal Create Climate Justice.net, designed in cooperation with the UUA Green Sanctuary and UU United Nations Office connects activists in and across congregations and others groups to take bold accountable action.
  • Our UU Young Adults for Climate Justice, inspires commitment and sends representatives to UU regional gatherings near you throughout the year with these messages and tools.
  • Our new UU People of Color Caucus helps ground our work and design the most impactful programs.
  • Our participation in the InterNational Initiative for Transformative Collaboration (INITC) and ongoing relationships with Native American Water Protectors allow us to learn from indigenous leaders and pass along grounding and commitment for the long haul.

‘We need bold climate action that addresses and heals this crisis. We urge you to use your voice.’ Amelia Diehl, UU Young Adults for Climate Justice Coordinator.

Please donate today.  Together we CAN lead to change with Justice.

In gratitude for your support and participation,

Irene Keim
Chair, UUMFE Board

P.S.  Donate $100 or more, and UUMFE will send you the recently released book Justice on Earth, an outcome of the UUMFE UU EJ Collaboratory conference we held in 2014, and the UUA Common Read for this year!